You’re Welcome In Latvian — 20+ Easy And Amazing Ways

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Are you traveling to Latvia for a vacation or a business meeting? If yes, then it is very beneficial for you to learn to say you’re welcome in Latvian.

While living in a Latvian country or visiting the place, you should know its basic phrases and words. It will help you to communicate with Latvian native speakers. In Latvia, saying “laipni lūdzam” or “welcome” is a very polite form of expression.

The Latvian Language Is A Baltic Language

You can use the Ling app to learn its formal and informal greeting, goodbye (uz redzēšanos), good morning (labrīt), good evening (labvakar), and good night (ar labu nakti) and other basic words. Knowing these will enhance your knowledge of the language and help you out on your trip to Latvia.

People respect and love their national language, and if they see a foreigner speaking it, they feel very proud.

Let’s say you are invited to an event in Latvia. They will thank you for your presence. What will you reply to them in Latvian? Learning the pronunciation of basic words and phrases will help you leave a positive, long-lasting impression on them.

In this article, learn to say you are welcome in Latvian and make your trip more adventurous and memorable.

You’re Welcome In Latvian — Formal And Informal Ways

We often use a formal way of talking to greet older people or strangers. It is a more conserved way to share your greetings with others. Let’s find out the best formal ways to say you are welcome in Latvian when someone thanks you.

In addition to “You are welcome” (Esiet laipni aicināti), you can use various other words and phrases.

Formal Ways To Say Welcome In Latvian

Informal Ways To Say You’re Welcome In Latvian

We use an informal way of speaking to our friends and family. We say, “You are welcome!” when a friend or relative thanks us for doing a favor or chore. As we are very close to them, we often use slang and short phrases for fun. These can be as follows:

You Are Welcome In Latvian In Response To “Thank You For A Gift”

When you give people a present, you want them to say “thank you”. It’s polite to answer with “you’re welcome” when a present receiver expresses gratitude in person.

If your friend is from Latvia, you can say you’re welcome in Latvian to show your love to them. There are many ways to say this. Some of these are as follows.

Say “You’re Welcome” In Latvian In Different Scenarios

There are many events in our lives in which we have to say to someone, “You’re welcome!” in response to thank you. If you pick up a friend’s pen and give it to them, you will say you’re welcome. Let’s discuss different ways of saying you are welcome in various events or scenarios.

Learn Latvian And Speak Latvian With Ling App

I hope now you understand different ways to say “welcome” in Latvian. If you want to learn Latvian in-depth, you can use the Ling app by Simya Solutions. It has many cool features that will help you quickly learn the language.

With the Ling app, you can use its chatbot system to communicate with others to improve your writing and conversational skills. With its game-based system, you can enjoy as well as learn your desired language quickly.

Moreover, if you want to explore more about Latvian, you can read our blogs on important Words and phrases in Latvian to start the convo or greet people, and “Latvian vocabulary about transportation.” Feel free and start your language learning journey by visiting our website or downloading the app. Good day!



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