Urdu Sports Vocabulary: 8 Popular Sports In Pakistan

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Sports play a vital role in the mental development and physical fitness of a person. In this article, we are going to pay attention to Urdu Sports Vocabulary and Popular sports in Pakistan. Pakistanis love sport and the country has gone from strength to strength in many sporting areas since they gained independence from England.

Myself And Sports

I have been a quite sporty person since my childhood. I used to take part in lots of common sports like cricket, basketball, and football.

Pakistan has an immense number of sports that are played on a national level as well as on an international level. But people are less aware of a lot of them. The reason for less exposure to sports is that parents mostly do not let their children participate because for them sports overtake studies.

The same was the case with me. My parents wanted me to pay total attention to my studies. They never stopped me from playing but they always told me it was my second priority.

Sports are part of my life and will always be till the end. It is not necessary to play it internationally; it can be a part-time commitment as well.

8 Popular Sports In Pakistan

Cricket: کرکٹ

Cricket is considered the most popular sport in Pakistan. The business of cricket thrives in Pakistan. Although it is not a national game, it has gained immense popularity in the country. Pakistan has a national team as well as an international cricket team.

Pakistan has won lots of international events in cricket like the 1992 cricket world cup, the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, and a lot more.

Imran Khan, Shahid Afridi, Wasim Akram, Muhammad Yosuf, etc are the stars of the Pakistan cricket team.

Hockey: ہاکی

Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan. It is also one of the most popular sports in the country. There are men’s as well as women’s national and international teams. The Pakistan hockey federation governs the sport.

The Pakistan hockey team has won three gold medals in the Olympic games and they are always ranked near the top of the international standings.

Squash: اسکواش کھیل

Pakistani players have won several world squash championships. Jhangir Khan and Jansher Khan are legendary Pakistani players. The Pakistan Squash Federation is the national institute of squash.

The Pakistan open tournament is the event that is held in Pakistan and on which every province makes their players ready for the matches.

The squash team of Pakistan has also contributed to various international events and raised the flag of Pakistan for many years. Hashim Khan, Mobillah Khan, and a female Squash player Carla Khan, who has won numerous women’s championships, are the most successful players in Squash.

Polo: پولو

Polo is known as the Mughal style as it originated in the Mughal period. There are lots of large annual competitions held within the country. Shandur Polo tournament is held every June and is played on the world’s highest polo ground.

Polo is played with the Nukra Horse which is the national horse of Pakistan.

Raja Samiullah, Hissam Ali Haider, and Raja Bangash are some of the notable players.

Table Tennis: ٹیبل ٹینس

Pakistan’s Table tennis federation is the organization responsible for table tennis events within the country. Although people in the country have not given it much importance, table tennis is now gaining popularity in the nation.

Farjab Saif has participated in the Olympics and also in Seoul Games and was ranked 25th in the Olympics. He has set a world record and become the only player who has won 7 times in a row.

Tennis: ٹینس

Tennis is also a popular sport in Pakistan. The Pakistan tennis federation is the governing body. Khawaja Saeed Hai was the first tennis player who represented Pakistan internationally at the grand slam tournament at Wimbledon.

Haroon Rahim is another successful player in tennis for Pakistan. He won several ATP tournaments. Aisam-ul-Haq is the newest star in this field.

Badminton: بیڈمنٹن کھیل

Badminton is an important sport as well as a popular sport in Pakistan. An organization formed in 1953 named the Pakistan Badminton federation organizes many badminton events. Toqeer Shah, a popular player in Pakistan, won a gold medal at the Punjab level.

Irshad Ahmad and Elsie Hunt etc are important Badminton Players who have made it to the top of the nation’s standings.

Mahnoor Shehzad is the only player who has earned Olympic Badminton Qualification for Pakistan in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Snooker: سنوکر/ایک کھیل

The snooker federation organizes this popular sport in Pakistan. It was established in 1958. It is a famous sport in Pakistan. Snooker is known as Aik Kheil (ایک کھیل) in Urdu.

Muhammad Asif, Ahsan Ramzan, and Muhammad Yousuf have bought many titles home in snooker not only at the National level but also internationally.

Urdu Sports Vocabulary

Now that you have gained enough information about the popular sports in Pakistan, let’s broaden your language learning journey by helping you learn the most common Urdu words about sports.

Types Of Sports In Urdu

Here is a list of different types of sports in Pakistan that you should definitely know about, so let’s get started!

Air Sports

Let’s now look at some common words for air sports in Urdu!

Athletic Sports

Finally, you should know about these athletic sports


These were some of the popular sports in Pakistan. In the concluding paragraph, we are going to discuss some amazing Pakistani players who have raised the reputation of Pakistan in the whole world.

  • Malik Ata Muhammad Khan is best known for his successful attempts in promoting bull races and tent pegging.
  • Amir Khan is a boxer who has done a commendable job in his field and won several world championships.
  • Shahzad Mirza is a successful national-level shooter in Pakistan.

Wrapping Up

Urdu is a language that is spoken not only in Pakistan and India but also in Canada and many other places because the People from India and Pakistan are moving abroad in increasing numbers for higher education and work purposes etc. Considering these points, it becomes especially necessary to learn the language so that you can communicate well with other Urdu-speaking people.

The issue is that there are not many websites and apps teaching Urdu in English.

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