The List Of 8+ Epic Funny Serbian Phrases

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A vast number of people in Serbia use Serbian slang expressions or funny Serbian phrases on a daily basis, most commonly in informal interactions with friends, family, or colleagues. They aren’t all aware of the extraordinary amount of terms that make up jargon.

If you have a “special someone” with whom you want to converse in Serbian or are planning a trip to Serbia shortly, you should learn some Serbian slang or funny Serbian phrases. You won’t have to worry about the locals not understanding you this way.

My recommendations for phrases to learn are listed below. The majority of them will make you chuckle, assist you in communicating with locals without stumbling blocks, and make your time in Serbia more enjoyable.

When you’re in an uncomfortable or irritating position, laughing your way out is sometimes the greatest way to get out of it. Remember these snappy retorts and utilize Serbian phrases with the help of the Ling app when needed.

Funny Serbian Phrases With Meanings

Here are some funny Serbian phrases and words and expressions, as well as their definitions. Enjoy these excellent explanations of exciting terms and idioms while smiling. Use any sentence when you talk to Serbs or have a conversation to have a little laugh.

Funny Serbian Words To Describing A Person

It’s important to note that a large number of young Serbs in Serbia are increasingly adopting animal-related Serbian words while employing slang words to describe individuals. As a result, a handsome man will be a “While a boy is referred to as a “maor” or “macan,” a girl is referred to as a “maka” (cat) (fish)…

A beautiful girl or a woman can also be a “avion” (plane), whereas someone whose beauty is disliked is sometimes referred to as “Gabor,” “krampaa,” or “krava.” “.. These final three are exceedingly impolite, and I believe they wouldn’t be used. However, if you are a good friend of young Serbian people, you may hear some of them — they don’t always consider other people’s sentiments.

“Lupaš” or “lupetaš” are words you can hear frequently when someone says something stupid or something that is not true. In literal translation, it means they’re banging/pounding

Why the Ling App Is Perfect To Learn Serbian?

I hope that these Funny Serbian Phrases and sentences were not amusing just to me! Ling was created to make language learning as simple, enjoyable, and accessible as possible. Thanks to a range of small games and interactive learning approaches, you’ll be willing to involve yourself in the Serbian language using only your smartphone.

If you are a skilled or a newbie speaker looking to expand your vocabulary or brush up on your skills, our Ling Serbian app can help.

Traditional language classes may be tedious, boring, and uninteresting. That’s why we’ve made learning entertaining by incorporating puzzles, games, challenges, and quizzes into the process of teaching you how to read, write, and speak Serbian.

To help you refine your pronunciation, Ling employs native Serbian speakers. For example, see our articles on whether learning Serbian is complex and a simple tutorial to Serbian Alphabets.

Also, we have ensured that Ling App users get the most value for the money by providing 60+ languages in a single app. You may even test out the Ling language learning app for free to see whether it suits your needs.

So, if you speak English, take out your mobile phone or laptop and open your browser and download this cool app by Simya Solutions now, and give it a try to communicate in a new language.




Ling is a game-like language learning app with a pack of 60+ languages. You will learn languages in fun ways!

Love podcasts or audiobooks? Learn on the go with our new app.

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Ling Learn Languages

Ling Learn Languages

Ling is a game-like language learning app with a pack of 60+ languages. You will learn languages in fun ways!

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