The 13 Best Thai Tutor Resources With 2 Bonus Apps

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Is exploring Thailand your lifetime dream? Have you ever dreamed of visiting the land of smiles and exploring the luxuries it is offering to the utmost? Do you want to experience the social life and the views of tourists as Thailand is considered the most demanded tourist destination? Or are you sick of difficult Thai language classes and learning materials with hectic learning goals? Here is the solution to your problems.

Visit Thailand and be able to converse with friendly locals easily by learning the Thai language. Learn from highly-skilled Thai tutor resources and speak, write and read the Thai language in no time.

To learn Thai, investing in the best online Thai tutor with excellent skills can help you master the basics of the Thai language. As long as you can access Thai tutor online resources, such as Ling Live, there are no other hurdles to learning Thai.

How I Found The Best Resources

The first thing that you might face is the know-how of their language if you are not born and raised in Thailand like me. I visited Thailand for my bachelor’s degree and then again for my master’s degree. Learning that language is a challenge on its own and if you want to learn it without any physical or mental hassle the best way is to understand it through applications. These not only provide you with the luxury to learn them from the comfort of your couch but also give you the correct and native resources to learn.

Thai culture has changed significantly over time. This cultural change has led to specific changes in literary terms, the basic grammar of the Thai language, and the methods of language teaching for teachers. There is no shortage of methods for learning the Thai alphabet and Thai sentences, but choosing the best language method is crucial.

How Much It Costs To Hire Thai Tutor Online Resources

With online Thai tutor resources, you can work with high-quality, affordable Thai tutors from the comfort of your own home while getting personalized learning plans and one-on-one attention.

Most of the time, the Thai teachers set all tuition fees. On average, Thai per-hour sessions costs $10-$50. However, prices vary depending on the popularity, experience, and nationality of the teacher.

The 5+ Best Thai Tutor Online Resources

There are a whole bunch of applications to learning the Thai language targeting and working for different outcomes but many work to just make you learn a few phrases and sentences without actually focusing on the practical application of the language like developing language skills like conversational skills. Here are some of the most trusted and experienced Thai language applications and solid resources that you should use to be taught Thai if you love learning and want to have a real conversation with Thai people.


Italki is a language learning online service that allows you to find, meet and hire native Thai teachers from all over the world. It also has a review section where you can practice your writing and get corrections from a native Thai speaker for free.

One-on-one work with a private Thai teacher is often the best way to practice the language. We recommend Italki to anyone learning Thai because you can schedule comfortable lessons with a private Thai tutor of your choice. There are also some price tiers available to help keep costs down.

Private Thai teachers and professional online Thai tutors are available to get simple or very traditional tuition. Just schedule your lessons, and you will be connected to a Thai language expert shortly.

Learn Thai with a Thai teacher

Learn Thai With Mod

Mod is a native Thai teacher who has excellent Thai language teaching experience and runs Learn Thai with Mod. She offers one-to-one lessons with her colleague Pear in person or via Skype. Generally, these are paid lessons. However, she is very active on Facebook.

On Facebook, she offers free language advice and is willing to answer any questions you may have. She also has a YouTube channel with short video clips that teach a range of subjects fun and humorous.

Mod, a Thai tutor online, together with her colleague, makes articles, podcast episodes, and short course videos that teach almost every aspect of the Thai language.

If you want to learn reading, pronunciation, grammar, writing, or even everyday conversation phrases, Mod and Pear have probably prepared something you find helpful!


Thaipod101 offers audio lessons in podcast format. The lessons are great for learning vocabulary and grammar. Each Thai lesson is built around the conversation in Thai between native speakers, and the teachers did a great job of keeping the conversation going.

Podcast lessons are available with full texts in Thai and English. Even a slow-motion feature lets you listen to individual words and conversational Thai phrases at a slower pace. It is so you can pinpoint the correct pronunciation and intonation.

You can also get personalized guidance from Thai teachers who can also help you proceed further.

Thaipod101 is a helpful tool for Thai learning goals. Moreover, the site provides an on-site card system, transcripts, and many other beneficial features.

Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker Thai Private Tutors are suitable for anyone who wants to learn Thai effectively and efficiently. They have professional Thai tutors for toddlers, young children, seniors, middle and high school students, and adults of all levels, including beginner, average, and advanced Thai tutors.

AmazingTalker Thai language tutoring service can help you improve all aspects of the language — listening, reading, speaking, pronunciation, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. You can also customize your study (like a Thai business or travel program). So whether you want to develop your Thai conversational skills, prepare for a test, or want to speak Thai more fluently at work, AmazingTalker Thai tutors are there to help you.


Pimsleur will secure the top-of-the-list position as it makes learning a new language like Thai an easy task. It not only makes learning a language quite easy but also gives you a near-native accent.

This application also breaks you free from the arduous and boring tasks of memorizing the vocabulary items, the rules for grammar and conjugations, etc rather focuses on routine conversations thus enhancing your conversational skills as it believes that we humans are hardwired to learn through listening.

The Pimsleur method makes you able not only just to speak an intermediate level of Thai but also to understand and respond naturally and out of your knowledge without beating yourself hard enough to convey the ideas.

It harnesses your ability to learn thus making you enjoy the process of learning, gifting you with the addition of your abilities. You have to pick up new phrases and words regularly, learn easily and respond quickly, and learn the rules of the language by listening and speaking the language in 30 days.

You can get a lesson on Pimsleur and then get in touch with the Thai tutor whose lesson you like the most and proceed from there.


Tutoroo is a language learning platform that connects you with a private Thai tutor online. They match real native speakers with people who want to improve their speaking skills at a place and time convenient for them.

Tutoroo now works with 182 private Thai teachers who are available for face-to-face or online Thai lessons. You can view teacher profiles to connect with your preferred private tutor.

Learn Thai offline or online with the best private Thai teachers. Private Thai lessons will be taught directly by Tutoroo teachers according to your individual learning needs. So, start to learn Thai effectively with a native Thai teacher and have the pleasure of learning a new language!


On Apprentus you can find more Thai tutors interested in helping you learn the Thai language. You can learn more about intuitive language construction which you can achieve through mastering vocabulary, grammar, and communications on which this app provides some comprehensive courses. It also gives you a first-hand experience of Thai culture as you get in touch with the native Thai tutors.

The learners can also learn through the audio and the speaker is a native speaker of Thailand thus you get a native-like accent. The real-life conversations, cultural contexts, and native audio provide you with the best way to learn the Thai language.

You can join easily as a student by registering on the website and booking an online Thai tutor for yourself. Furthermore, you could also become a teacher if you are interested in teaching Thai.

Hey Tutor

Hey Tutor unlike the other applications mentioned above is not a multiple facets language learning app and rather relies on the Online tutors only to help you learn Thai. It focuses more on vocabulary building and getting you a Thai teacher near your area.

The prime focus of this app is to add to the vocabulary and thus can help as an assisting app with other language learning applications. It is helpful if you know the Thai language but wants to increase your bank of vocabulary.

The tutors provide you with the native pronunciations of the words from the best tutors and have adopted multiple word reinforcement techniques which help catch and learn the new items.

The tutors take the assistance in different ways including using the flashcard activities where the learners had to match the image and the sound of the word, identification of newer words, and categorization of them, to speed the words and check their pronunciation.

Verbal Planet

You can easily get in touch with the Thai tutors on the verbal planet. You can also get to enhance your writing skills and the recognition of written scripts of the Thai language. It works through handwriting recognition software, has adopted guided lesson plans, and contains some practices and tests.

In that language, there are 28 vowels and 44 consonants so memorizing and making the words from these seems a daunting task, and this application breaks you free from all the workload of memorization. The Thai letters and alphabets are broken down which helps the readers trace the units in this application which leads the learner to retain the alphabets in their memory.

Besides writing Thai, you can also learn to read and speak Thai efficiently.

Some of the key features include

  1. Activities to remember the Thai Alphabet
  2. Identify the letters in words
  3. Remember and practice identifying and writing Thai letters.
  4. You get to learn about all the phrases and important sentences in Thai.
  5. Getting online booking in a very convenient manner.
  6. Your work gets analyzed on time and you get feedback.
  7. As a plus point, they also have Loyalty discounts to keep the users choosing their app over and over again.


Tandem is a language exchange application. It brings together the speakers of different communities and thus makes a big community including Thai. The prime focus of this app is to learn and teach languages through communication like spoken and chats. If you want to learn the Thai language you just need to mention and the app will automatically find you the native Thai speakers.

The tutor feature is also available in this application and thus helps you find a professional native tutor to formally learn the Thai language. The features that it has include texts, audio recordings, and audio and video calls which engage the learners in real-time conversation and learning environments.


Verbling is a language learning app on which you can learn with some amazing Thai tutors. It is a portable and personal translator developed for travelers with the sole purpose of letting them free from the hassle of interactions in real life. The tutors not only teach you the words and phrases but also incorporate phonetics, images, and Thai pronunciations for easy and quick learning.

The tutors will help you learn about the category related to almost every scenario a person might encounter. The categories include education, emergency, food, travel, done and wine, interactions, country, and many more. You can also make a list of learned vocabulary items and learning materials for quick access according to the scenario.


Preply is a travel or friendly app as it teaches you some phrases that one might need as a foreign traveler. The additional feature that it has is that of video. You can learn around 500 plus spoken phrases relating to different situations like eating, traveling, shopping, problems, time and date, and interactions.

The phrases are taught on live skype video calls that provide you with the native pronunciations of those phrases. The learner can also get the facility to replay the videos recorded in the class, play them in slow mode, and even copy the phrases. You can also copy the phrases and send them through text messages or even emails. In other words, the app is your 24-hour companion that saves you from getting into the technicalities of the Thai language.

Ling Live

One of the most challenging parts of learning a foreign language, like Thai, is the continuous practice, which can only be learned by talking to a Thai native speaker. One of the best Thai tutor online resources, Ling Live has been designed to provide a seamless tutor-student experience for private language lessons. This will enhance your communication multi-folds.

Ling Live is a Thai learning platform that lets users break free from the constraints of traditional classrooms and prepares them for a new learning style. Not only you will get the books on this app but also learn through other exceptional feature You can enroll in a structured course with private Thai tutors who is also native Thai speaker by installing the app.

Not just the bookish knowledge but also you can learn to make new friends. You can get to learn a lot about different cities of Thailand and especially about the most beautiful city, Bangkok. You also get the perfect insight into Thai culture.

Learning Thai on Ling Live can help you get into many top universities in Thailand. This can also help people start their own businesses since they have effectively passed the language barrier. Now you might think that’s it but Ling Live App doesn’t. It goes beyond the boundaries to help you learn in more ways like learning Thai with popular songs and helping you become more accustomed to Thai music.

It also includes many other features like translations, reinforcement exercises, interactive lessons, videos contents, and real-life conversations, making it ideal for learning different languages including Thai.

2 Additional Resources

Here are two additional resources which might enhance your experience while learning with a tutor. Let’s look at them.


If you want to have an app to learn, Mondly is a beginner-friendly language learning application that makes you learn 41 languages including Thai. It refrains from engaging the learners in extensive tasks and thus focuses on basic Thai language having short and easy-to-follow content.

This is learner-friendly as the learners can choose the lessons they want to learn and interact with more students. It is available on all major platforms like Android, Apple, and the web. It consists of four applications i.e.,

  • Mondly languages: It vanishes the language barrier as millions of people speaking different languages can interact and learn.
  • Mondly kids: The app is designed for kids 5 to 12 years of age and makes them learn langue through games.
  • Mondly VR: It gives the virtual reality experience of rips and travels of other countries and introduces you to their vocabulary and language.
  • Mondly AR: This version works on the augmented reality module and makes you learn through the real-sized animals and interaction right in your living room.

Mondly app includes everything that you require like basics of the language, vocabulary, grammar rules, and real and simulated conversations. You can also have a chat with the bot in daily life and get a real conversational experience.

Simply Learn Thai

Thailand is one of the world’s most wanted tourist destinations and thus many of the visitors in Thailand are travelers. Travelers do not need to have a whole experience and knowledge of the Thai language as they just need to get some casual conversation going and thus a few words and phrases. The Simply Learn app can prove to be the best friend for Thai travelers.

It is a word bank with words and phrases that you might need when shopping, communicating, asking for directions, and while being in hotels or restaurants. This app makes learning more fun by using flashcards and interactive quizzes.

The words and phrases regarding different situations have been categorized which are not only easy to navigate but also provide you with the audio, the transliteration, and the translation which help you not only convey the messages but nail the pronunciation as well.

Wrapping Up

You are not alone in the Thai language learning quest. Learning the Thai language from home can prove to be an arduous and boring task. You can find a whole lump of language learning applications but most of them are just time-wasting materials and nerve-racking lessons and tasks to teach the Thai language.

The above-mentioned applications are the ones that you can bet on. And Ling Live is by far the best one on the list. It’s hard to find a quality private Thai tutor online, but with Ling Live, you can connect with many experienced Thai teachers who are committed to helping you succeed!

Ling Live includes every type of application that you might require depending upon the skill and the need. It includes strategies targeting tourists like simply learning and speaking Thai. It will help you learn some Thai language skills without breaking a sweat from the comfort of your mobile phone. Ling Live is easily accessible on both Google Playstore and App Store.

Download Ling Live today and start speaking Thai like a pro!



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