Slow But Essential: 100 Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation

Lithuanian public transportation may be slow, but it will make your trip memorable, especially if you know some Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation (Gabenimas). Taking public transportation (Gabenimas) in Lithuania when you go to different will make you learn about their culture and amazing people. Did you know that Lithuania is disputably known as the geographical center of Europe?

This is just one of the amazing facts about Lithuania. But, to be able to connect to the people, you must learn to speak their native language. Even if it is just as simple as greetings and essential words and phrases, this can go a long way. If you are going to visit Lithuania and plan to use public transportation, it won’t hurt you to learn Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation.

1. Autobusas And Troleibusas

English: Bus and Trolleybus

Buses and trolleybuses make it convenient to hop in the largest cities in Lithuania. While the largest cities in Lithuania have extensive public transport systems, smaller cities only have buses as their means of transportation. There is no subway or local railroad. Buses in Lithuania have schedules to follow. What’s impressive about this is that the schedules and routes of these buses in the cities are available online. So, you could just simply search it online, and with a click, you’ll find the route and schedule for your destination. Isn’t that great?

For tickets, you can usually buy them from the kiosks or the bus itself. But to give you a tip, you can buy the tickets monthly, three days, or weekly. This will help you save up, especially if you are planning to use buses many times.

So, if you are planning to go to Lithuania, learn this list of Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation that is related to buses.

Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation | Buses

2. Traukinys

English: Train

Lithuanian railway has a reasonably extensive network system. But, just like what is stated above, smaller cities don’t have railroads. Lithuanian railroad links different regions and will make it easier for you to travel from one point to another.

If you are worried about the comfort and cleanliness of the trains and wagons, worry no more because all the trains are in good condition and they make sure that it is always clean. In fact, there is a rule to have two clean toilets that the passengers can use.

Tickets are available at the counter. However, if you are picked up in a station where there is no ticket counter, you can buy it from the counter for a higher amount.

Taking trains while traveling is one of the exciting adventures you can do in Lithuania. You can always ask for directions and questions from the locals whenever you need help. To do that, you must learn at least the following Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation that’s related to trains. As one of the oldest languages in the world, the Lithuanian language is really worth it to learn. So, why not learn these words, phrases, and expressions?

Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation | On the Train

At the Train Station (Traukinių Stotis)

Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation | At the Train Station

3. Taksi

English: Taxi

Just like in other countries, taxis and cars are some of the most convenient means of transportation. The thing is, it can be costly, especially if you are new in the country and it is your first time traveling there. Just a reminder, you might experience over-pricing taxi drivers because they know that you are tourists. Because of this, it is advisable to rent a car and have it reserved for you to travel conveniently. However, due to traffic congestion, the Lithuanian government reduced these rented cars. Saftey and travel is still essential for them so you must understand that.

Now that you have learned a little about taxi cabs in Lithuania try your best to learn this Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation that is related to taxi cabs. It wouldn’t hurt you to learn another language for the sake of convenience, right?

Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation | Taxi

4. Lėktuvas

English: Airplane

Air transportation in Lithuania is also well-developed. But, due to the fact that it is just a small country, they do not conduct domestic flights. But, in case you are traveling from Lithuania to other European countries, you can use the following Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation. Although you can use English to talk with the attendants, why not try something new and learn the Lithuanian language?

Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation | Airplane

5. Dviratis

English: Bicycle

Convenient and eco-friendly, who wouldn’t want to learn how to bike around the beautiful city? If you are a cyclist, you will find Lithuania favorable because the roads are flat. If you want to use a bike to transport, you can have it rented and reserved for you. Bike hire is offered in most places in Lithuania. Cyclists are also provided with lots of bike-friendly services. Some good examples of this are that they can bring their bicycles in ferries and are free to use the bike racks in the buses.

Help lessen the cause of global warming and traffic congestion. If you have an opportunity to go biking with someone, try learning the following Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation. This can be really useful, especially when asking for directions.

Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation | Bicycle

6. Hitchhiking

English: Autostopas

Hitchhiking is allowed in Lithuania. But, let us first define what hitchhiking is. Hitchhiking is a means of transportation wherein a person is asking individuals, usually strangers, for a ride in their car or another vehicle. If you are planning to do this, it is important to have an id card with you. This is very useful, and you can just simply show this to the locals when you are lost. Here is some Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation when you want to hitchhike.

Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation | Hitchhiking

7. Keltas

English: Ferry

Because Lithuania is located near the shores of the Baltic sea, their water transportation is also quite developed. The ferry is the most common water transportation. This is really helpful, especially if you have cargos. If you want to take the ferry, the central harbor of Lithuania is Klaipeda. It can also sail into different neighboring countries.

The ticket prices vary depending on the season. The price is almost doubled during the peak season that’s happening from mid-July to the end of August. Tourists are welcome to travel and experience the beauty of Lithuania and other European countries. So, to widen your vocabulary to be able to talk to the passengers, try to study different Lithuanian vocabulary about transportation.

Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation Ferry

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