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Learning and saying sorry words are as crucial as learning greeting words. So, if you are soon going to Pakistan or want to say sorry in Urdu to a Pakistani person, do not hesitate and learn to apologize.

Are you considering a trip to Pakistan or relocating there permanently? In Urdu, phrases like sorry (معذرت) (Maaf Karna) are helpful since you can use them in a variety of situations. Furthermore, learning a new language allows you to discuss facts with locals directly. In today’s Ling app article, we’ll go over the most basic yet essential words and phrases for saying sorry in Urdu. We will also learn how to use them in everyday interactions.

Roman Urdu is the Urdu language written in the Latin script. Traditional Arabic script lovers are strongly opposed to Roman Urdu. Despite this opposition, the majority of people on the internet still use it.

Why Say Sorry To Your Urdu Speaking Friend?

It is a good idea to apologize if you have done something that makes another person sad. It is because apologizing allows you to communicate with the person who was hurt. It also allows you to express regret for their pain, showing that you are worried about their feelings. It may help them re-establish trust in you.

How To Say Sorry In Urdu Using Basic Vocabulary?

Being in another country does not mean that you can communicate with people easily. It is because you do not know their language and their culture and traditions. So, learn some basic vocabulary in Urdu before visiting Pakistan or India.

Learn the word “pardon” Urdu meaning “mafi” “معافی” to apologize in Urdu quickly. Some other words “Apologies” or My fault” Urdu translate as “mazrat” “معذرت “or “meri ghalti” “میری غلطی” are worthy of using. More similar words and their meanings in Urdu are below.

Formal Ways To Say Sorry In Urdu

In the Urdu language, the phrase “I am sorry I did not mean to…” “مجھے افسوس ہے کہ میرا یہ مطلب نہیں تھا….” “mujhe afsos h kya mera y matlab nahi tha “is also a formal way of admitting your mistake. Interrupting people who are having a conversation is disrespectful. If you visit Pakistan, you will need to say formally, “Excuse me, I am sorry,”

Another important point to understand is that an apology can be a simple sentence such as, “I’m sorry you felt that way” “mujhe afsos hai kya apne esa mehsus kiya” “مجھے افسوس ہے کہ آپ نے ایسا محسوس کیا۔.”

A formal apology does not always have to involve arguing about your mistake. Instead, it could be a confession that you have hurt someone else. So, it is important to learn to say sorry in Urdu. Below is more information on the synonyms and definitions of saying sorry in Urdu.

Informal Ways To Say Sorry In Urdu

Now that you have learned the formal ways let’s move on to informal ways of saying sorry in Urdu. Use informal ways of saying sorry with locals and native speakers. When speaking to a close friend, family member, or someone of a similar age, you can use this informal means of apologizing.

Use the phrase “Whoops! Sorry!” “ufo! Mazrat” “فوہ! معذرتI” to apologize informally. You can use the phrase “My fault, bro” “mera qasoor,bhai” “میرا قصور، بھائی” with your very close friends.

Learn To Speak The Urdu Language

When you learn basic phrases in Urdu, you must go for some advanced sentences. Simya Solution’s Ling App can help you in this regard. Ling is the most popular language app on the market for lesser-spoken languages. The Ling app makes language learning more entertaining and engaging by providing brief courses and quizzes.

Users can study languages on Ling Web, which runs in a web browser anytime. So, learn the Urdu language with Ling App and enjoy the learning. Read more articles on the Urdu language via “Urdu words and phrases” and “Urdu vocabulary about transportation.”

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