Quizlet Review: Beware Of These 5 Simple Things!

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Whether you are in school or already a professional, we bet that you have searched high and low for an unbiased Quizlet review since this study material promises to help you learn almost anything! But, could that really be the truth, or are there some things that you need to know? In this post, we will walk you through what this review tool is all about, its features, and the top alternatives (like Ling App and Simply Learn) that you can use for mastering any foreign language today. So, if you are up for that, then let’s start the review.

There is no denying that the number of available study materials is just growing by the minute. Today, learners do not really use traditional notebooks and pens since most rely solely on their mobile devices installed with feature-filled applications. Based on research, some of these downloadable apps offer an innovative learning method and provide support by engaging and motivating the students in diverse ways.

For instance, if a student is interested in retaining vocabulary, they can do this through repetition of words in a gamified manner, similar to how Quizlet works. But before we discuss more it, allow us first to answer what Quizlet is all about and all its features below.

Quizlet Review: What Is It All About?

Quizlet is basically a learning app developed for students and professionals who enjoy building their study decks in the form of flashcards. Instead of creating your own physical cards for one-time use, Quizlet allows anyone to create their own online, or they can also re-use the pre-built decks of other people. This is possible since whatever you create from their website can also be shared with the public or with specific people using the special link. In this way, you’ll get to learn the same things with other people or copy theirs so that you can modify and create your very own flashcards.

If you’ll ask us, this is somewhat the same with Anki except for the fact that Quizlet has more features perfect for younger people who are into games. There are basically two types of fun games here: Match (where you race against the clock and try to match up all the terms with the definitions) and Gravity (where you type answers before the asteroid hits the ground). For parents/teachers out there looking for a holistic learning tool, Quizlet can also be considered as a good tool for it has 5 major study modes, including learning, flashcards, writing, spelling, and testing.

If you are someone who is interested in hosting an online gamified quiz, you can also do so since Quizlet has a live mode where students can have a race, and whoever gets 12 correct scores will win. The whole concept of the Live game somehow reminds me of Quizizz and Kahoot and is perfect for practice tests.

Quizlet is a practical service for many students because it provides support for many subjects and is not particularly for language learning at all. This is perfect for when you are preparing for a science or history quiz since this will serve as your reviewer on the go. As a reviewer, you can create your own flashcards complete with texts, images, and audio files so that you have everything in just one card. Teachers have also used this by preparing sets that their students can learn from, and it has proved to be a good learning material for classes.

You can also become a user of this study tool for business professionals as I also saw a huge range of study sets geared for preparing for certification tests. Perhaps this is the reason why they have a payment plant for business use where a company can pay an affordable price for an account for their employees.

How To Use Quizlet For Language Learning

Quizlet can still be used for learning for language students out there, but please do not expect it to be comparable to Memrise or Babbel since it offers a more general approach. In order to start, students need to sign up for an account under Quizlet and click on the create “study set” button. Once you are in, you will be prompted to write the definition and the term from the boxes provided. You can also upload spreadsheets if you already have a list of terms and definitions to make the process much easier.

If you already found a study set created by someone but you find it a bit lacking, you can create a copy or duplicate the whole set so that you can add more terms and definitions to make the set live up to your standards. If you do not want your list of vocabulary words to be used by the public, you can set the mode into private so that only you can get access to it.

Once you are done creating your own set of flashcards, you can add them to a folder so that your whole virtual learning space will look nice and easy to navigate. Then, if you are ready to review, you can choose from the available study modes and use the Quizlet platform on your mobile device or through the website. There is not much difference between the two except that you can learn in the mobile app, even offline, if you’ve subscribed to the Quizlet Go.

Quizlet Go: $35.88 / year

By subscribing to Quizlet Go, you do not get to unlock all the features from the Plus version but you will be able to use the mobile application offline and remove all the distracting advertisements.

Quizlet Plus: US$47.88 / year

This version gives you more features and allows one to create study sets complete with other resources like voice records, diagrams, and the new Smart Grading feature.

5 Things You Need To Know About Quizlet

  1. Quizlet as an additional study tool is effective for rote memorization.
  2. Using Quizlet is easy and practical for different fields of study.
  3. Quizlet is not popular among professors since it has been used for cheating
  4. It is easy to learn incorrect information through the available study decks (unless there is a verified badge).
  5. Users of the free version of Quizlet are easily distracted by advertisements.

Quizlet Pros And Cons

Are you going to subscribe and use Quizlet today? Let us know in the comment section below! As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to learn the advantages and disadvantages of using Quizlet. If you are seriously interested in improving your knowledge in a specific language, we advise that you check out these two powerful applications below.

2 Powerful Alternatives To Quizlet

Contrary to popular assumption, you can learn any language on your own and become a complete pro in no time. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get an app on the internet! Our best recommendation? Start using Simya Solutions’ apps to embark on a language-learning path that is enjoyable, engaging, and highly motivating, no matter what level you are at. It includes speech instructions, sample sentences for model construction, a rigorous examination after each session, and even audio recordings for review, making it ideal for professionals, travelers, and families.

The Ling App — All-in-one Study Tool For Language Learning

Price: Freemium; Availability: Web and App available at Play Store and Apple Store; Subscription: Yes

Because of its thorough approach to language learning and its massively updated information that is checked and developed by real native speakers of a given language, the Ling App is quite popular and has earned rave reviews online. Moreover, it is so competitive that it can teach you how to speak over 60+ foreign languages all within its interactive platform!

From the inside of the app, you can get instant access to basic flashcards and writing tests, speaking tests, and challenging games that will get you motivated wherever and whenever you use them. Unlike other language courses that will ask you to set aside hours glued on the screen, you will only need 10 minutes (or less), and you can be well on your way to become a confident-sounding language speaker.

Simply Learn — An Application For Learning Vocabulary

Price: Free; Availability: App available at Play Store and Apple Store; Subscription: No

Downloading the free Simply Learn App is the ideal option if you want to speak phrases, vocabulary words, and sentences straight away. This cutting-edge tool provides the way for quick talks with the locals and gives you a chance to navigate a foreign country without actually learning their language through and through. It’s perfect for on-the-go tourists or family trips and is free to download for all your mobile devices!



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