Punjabi Relationship Vocabulary: 50+ Best Words

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Would you like to learn about Punjabi relationship vocabulary as a sign of showing respect for the other Punjabis around you? In this blog post, we will walk you through all the important terms related to relationships, so let’s get started!

Punjabi Relationship Vocabulary

So you’re a foreigner who fell for a Punjabi Indian girl or boy. Well here are a few things you need to know about the dating culture in Punjab before deciding whether to date a Punjabi or not.

Cultural Norms

Punjab is not a very developed region and hence the Punjabi culture is very conservative. They follow the old teachings where you have to take permission from the elders before dating a guy or girl, unlike the modern world where it’s not necessary. Especially when it comes to girls, Punjabi families are very protective of them. If you are a guy who wants to date a Punjabi girl you will most likely have to pass an interview in which all the elders of the family will be there. Not only that, girls aren’t allowed to freely go out with guys in most families unless they are married or engaged to the guy.

Religious Values

Punjab is a land of three main religions. There are Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs. Sikhs are the major population. Whatever the religion maybe they are very strict when it comes to the religion of their partners. Punjabi families prefer someone of the same religion for their sons and daughters too. It is very hard to date in Punjab if your partner has a different religion. While dating someone with different religious views than you is getting more acceptable it will still be a long time before it is normalized.

Land Disputes

As Punjab is a place where people own and inherit large land it is often disputed between many families. That is why Punjabis prefer their daughters and sons to date someone from their close relatives as there would be no land disputes if it’s between two people of the same family.

Punjabis also have blood-run disputes between families that continue for many generations due to land or power distribution. Other than that Punjabis also prefer dating other Punjabis and not people from other areas of the country. It’s easier for the partner to adjust to the culture when he or she has been raised in the same culture.

Caste System

Punjabis like other communities in India strongly believe in the caste system and consider some cases to be superior to others. If you belong to a different caste you would not be considered a perfect match for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Again this trend is getting lesser day today but still holds great importance in the rural areas of Punjab. You don’t need to worry about the caste you belong to in the urban areas of Punjab tho.

Physical Appearance

Another important thing to consider about the dating culture in Punjab is that physical appearance is given great value in Punjabi culture. Especially when it comes to girls, a Punjabi family would always prefer a prettier girl for their sons regardless of her education or personality. Punjabi men also prefer to date more beautiful young women. This trend is also going extinct in urban Punjab where a girl isn’t judged based solely on her looks. Any educated Punjabi family would look for more mature traits to look for while selecting a partner for their sons or daughters.

Extended Punjabi Family

Punjabi kinship terms have certain relationships which are. In India, the concept of the joint family system is quite prevalent which provides you with family members who might not be your relatives by law but you would consider your brother.

Let’s look at some such terms that you can use according to your own preferences!

Endearing Words In Punjabi

There are different words that are relevant when talking about Punjabi relationships. If you are wondering how the Punjabis might talk about love then here is a list of more options that you can learn and use in your everyday life.

Bonus Phrases

Here are some bonus phrases for you to impress your loved ones!

Wrapping Up

That’s it for this blog post. You surely had a lot to learn. We also have several youtube videos for you which will help you learn the Punjabi language even better. If you want to learn more languages even the Ling App is a spectacular option since we provide lessons in almost all the languages which will help you in speaking and improving your pronunciation. We also have other blogposts like Punjabi Emergency Phrases and Eid Wishes In Punjabi.

Happy Learning!



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