Perfect Names In Nepali With Meaning And 20 Nicknames

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4 min readJun 17, 2021

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You can guess a lot of information about Nepalese from their names, including their ethnicity, occupation, caste, and place of birth. For example, Gurung and Sherpa are both ethnic surnames and place names in Nepali. However, surnames like Bista and Pant indicate that this person is a Brahmin who originally belonged to western Nepal.

Names in Nepali such as Bhasnet, Thapa, and Pande indicate that this person belongs to the ruling family of Rana. Likewise, Kami is the Nepalese equivalent of Smith, and Shrestha is a higher-class surname.

Here is a complete list of names in Nepali for your children (boys and girls). It covers modern, traditional or religious, fashionable, cute, popular, unique, sweet and short, and easy to pronounce Nepali baby names to help your family make the right choice!

There are hundreds of Nepali baby names for boys and girls, but we promise not to list all of them, but only the best names in Nepali. In addition, Nepalese are known for giving traditional and meaningful names. In this list, you will find not only the Nepali baby names for boys and girls but also their respective meanings.

Names In Nepali For Boys And Girls With Their Meanings

Names In Nepali For Boys With Meaning

Names In Nepali For Girls With Meaning

Cute Nicknames — Names In Nepali

From the pet names in Nepali for kids and friends to the sweet names of girlfriends and boyfriends to the absurd nicknames of anyone in your life, we have compiled a list of our 20 favorites derived cute Nepalese nicknames. Also, do not forget to learn about love words and phrases in Nepali for your loved ones.

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