People And Professions In Serbian

Let’s talk about people and professions in Serbian. These words and phrases will help you when talking about yourself and others, or when you’re planning to apply for a new job abroad.

Words About People In General

Most Common Professions In Serbia

Professions In Serbian: Health Workers

People who work as health workers in Serbian are very respectful among people. The situation was just like that before this pandemic.

Professions In Serbian: Emergency Services And Army

Professions In Serbian: Education And Family

Unlike health workers, employees in education are not particularly valued members of society in Serbia. This is a very strange trend in the past few years which cannot be explained in a simple way. I will not bother you with that…I just wanted to point out that jobs in education in Serbia are underpaid and unpopular. I hope that this situation will change in near future.

Professions In Serbian: Home Building And Decoration

Professions In Serbian: Information Technology

This is an extremely popular industry in Serbia. There are many specific jobs within this big market but I tried to make a shortlist of the most popular professions.

Professions In Serbian: Economy And Law Practice

Professions In Serbian: Commercial, Logistic, And Restaurant

People from those professions are always wanted on the labor market.

Professions In Serbian: Art And Culture

The film and music industry in Serbia is pretty powerful and important. It employs a large number of people.

Experts In Different Field Of Science

Other Professions

Profession Related Words

Work And Application

Final Thoughts

The labor market in Serbia is interesting and unpredictable. That’s why we have new professions every few years and sometimes can be hard to keep track of. I hope that this article has words related to different professions that will be useful for you.

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