10+ Easy Irish Health Vocabulary

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Do you know how to talk about Health in Irish? What if someone asks you about your health and you do not have the right Irish health vocabulary or words to respond with? In today’s blog, we got you covered how to respond if someone asks you a question about your physical and mental health. We will walk you through all the important Irish words needed by you to describe how well have you been lately as this is one of the common questions of the locals.

Irish Language

The Irish language is spoken in many countries and is the official standard language of Ireland. Besides Ireland, it is also seen prevalently spoken in Britain. The Irish language is called Gaeilge in the Irish language and the word Gaelic in English is derived from the word Gaeilge as well.

Before getting into the details, it is essential to learn the Irish alphabet and its sounds. If you haven’t learned the Irish alphabet by now then feel free to check out our blog on the Irish alphabet.

Irish Words For Health

There are many Irish words that you can use to talk about health. The Irish word for health is “Sláinte”. And to say the word healthy in Irish, the word “sláintiúil” should be used. The Irish word for diseases is “Galair”.

The Versatility Of Irish Health Vocabulary

Irish health vocabulary is versatile in nature since it can be used anywhere and anytime. Be it in a village, a school, a crowd, a shop, about the weather, at night or in the day. It is useful to have a list of all the terms along with their pronunciation to be more fluent.

Prevalent Diseases In Ireland

In Ireland, certain diseases are seen as common and prevalent. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases, Cancer, Mental Health Issues and Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease are the four most common diseases in Ireland.

Ailments And Sickness In Irish

Here is a table of various words in Irish that describes basic ailments:

Staying Over At A Friend’s House

If you are sick and you need to stay over at a friend’s house you can ask “An féidir liom fanacht ag d’áit inniu?” meaning “Can I stay at your place today?” in English. You can further give them an explanation by providing information about how you are feeling at the moment.

Phrases Related To Irish Health Vocabulary

Here is a table of some phrases about health which you would need in your everyday life:

If someone is being concerned about you and taking care of you while you are sick, then it would be a nice idea to thank them. The Irish phrase for thanks is “Go raibh maith agat”.

Asking About Someone’s Health

There can be cases while staying with native Irish speakers that they get sick and you need to go pay a visit to them. It is a nice gesture to take care of your colleagues when they are sick and make sure that they have all that they need.

Phrases About Inquiring Health

Here is a table of some phrases which can help you ask about the health of your Irish Colleagues and make sure that they are taken care of:

Speaking Irish

Vocabulary about health in Irish is important as it can help you speak Irish better. Knowing the right words in Irish related to health can leave a better impression on the native speakers since they might expect you to make mistakes.

For instance, as you have learned in this blog, using the Irish word “gaeilge” instead of Irish can leave a better impression on the native Irish Speakers. Therefore, you should try to gain as much vocabulary as possible since it will always yield positive results.

Wrapping Up!

If you liked this blog then make sure to check other blogs on the Ling app by Simya Solutions. We also have a blog about the Irish alphabet and Irish sentence structure so grab the opportunity and don’t miss out on much. Checking out the blogs can help you learn Irish faster and in an easy way.

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