No Urdu On Babbel: 2 Outstanding Alternatives To Learn!

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Did you find no Urdu on Babbel? Are you looking for any other options? Discover 2 different options of the Urdu language learning apps with practical vocabulary to learn the Urdu language quickly.

If you wish to see a rundown of some wonderful Urdu language learning applications, stay tuned until the end of this article.

No Urdu On Babbel?

I recently traveled to South Asia, where most people speak Urdu. It’s the actual lingua franca of Pakistan. Let me start by saying that I am eager to learn new languages. I was intrigued by Urdu and decided to roll up my sleeves and learn the language to enjoy deep Urdu conversations.

When I started looking for language learning applications, I thought about Babble, an internationally recognized language learning app. So, I kept on scrolling and digging more.

But wait, to my utter surprise, it revealed that Babbel does not offer Urdu script!

Why Should You Learn The Urdu Language?

Most of the people in South Asia speak Urdu. It’s their native language. If you want to continue learning the most beautiful and profound language, Urdu is a great place to start!

The fascinating word selection in Urdu music and poetry can cast a spell on the listener. Many non-native speakers may have praised it for its rich prose and poetry.

Some Urdu words are similar to Hindi. Before the partition, it was one of the languages spoken in India. However, Hindi is the national language in India now.

They say beautiful things are difficult to grasp. The Urdu language is in the same boat. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan language family, so it may be complex if you are an English speaker.

Its words combine some other languages like Hindi, Arabic, and Persian. It uses vocabulary and grammar from the Arabic and Persian languages, adding to its complexities.

Prerequisites To Learn A Language

Any language demands commitment and perseverance to learn. It’s not just a matter of memorizing a few valuable words and imitating the accent of some Urdu native speakers. It needs a thorough awareness of the meanings of contextual words and phrases used in various contexts and their linguistic culture and customs.

Benefits Of Speaking A New Language

The effort of studying a new language will be beneficial for you. Your efforts won’t go in vain.

Researches suggest that learning a new language offers many benefits to the human brain. Your brain gets developed, active, and gets smarter.

Before we get into some of the cool apps that can teach you Urdu, let’s look at why you should learn Urdu in the first place.

Best And Worst Of Each Online Urdu Course

Let’s glance at the rundown of some of the best and worst Online Urdu courses available out there.

Each Urdu online course comes with pros and cons. We suggest you get a hold of the most innovative language learning application like the Ling app to enjoy the Urdu language learning experience and explore the fun.

Are you getting excited and interested to have the conversations in Urdu? No worries at all! To ease things up, we have got some of the best online solutions for you, which will transform this complex language into an easy one in no time.

Will Babbel Add More Languages?

On top of that, you will realize it covers only 14 languages if you look further, with no further plans to add new vocabulary. Yes, you just heard me right!! I had the same astonished look that you have right now.

Should I Learn Another Language On Babbel?

You might be wondering, “Should I learn another language since Babble doesn’t provide Urdu?” No, not at all! If you don’t see a language on Babbel, that doesn’t mean you have to adjust your language selections to accommodate it. Find another helpful app to learn the language that you want and need

2 Alternative Apps To Learn Urdu

Let’s acknowledge this problem with some innovative, most influential, and remarkable solutions.

We have got a handful of intelligent applications. Few are listed below. So let me take you on an exciting journey to learn the Urdu language. Are you ready for a beautiful ride?

1. Ling App-Language Learning App

The first and the foremost application that is well known due to its profound features is the ling app created by the intelligent brains of Simya Solutions. This app has the wonders of transforming beginners into experts. You can be a total expert in no time.

Everything comes with a cost, but you would be delighted to know that this most remarkable language app does not require you to spend a tremendous amount of money. Begin learning until eight lessons for free!

However, if you want to acquire the pro version with well-defined instructions, all you have to pay is 4$ per month. Not just Urdu, you can learn many languages quickly. Isn’t it amazing?

It doesn’t stop here; the ling app embarks you on an exciting journey of understanding the Urdu language by allowing you to stay motivated. You can easily see yourself progress through different rising levels.

Ling App will offer you plentiful resources to experiment with various sample sentences, practical vocabulary, and grammar structure.

2. Learn App-Phrasebook Learning App

Do you wish to learn Urdu phrases? If that’s the case, the Simply Learn app can be the ideal pick for you. You can even know some of the most common terms to have dialogues with your friends and other Urdu learners.

This application offers useful Urdu phrases that you can hear in your daily interactions. It can be fun to get a hold of such an exciting application. You can make even the meaning for your understanding.

Learn Urdu Online In Just 10 Minutes A Day!

Many people prefer to learn languages taught by a teacher. Or even by traveling worldwide to talk with native speakers and observe the pronunciation during their conversation.

But if you are short on time and have less budget, the most competent language applications can help you most efficiently by providing various beneficial resources.

Try to take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and practice every day. Practice makes you perfect. It works like magic!!

If you wish to hear the sound of the Arabic alphabet that is mixed with Urdu, listen to the accent used in this video to have a clear understanding.

Let’s Narrow It Down

Wanna learn the Urdu language, a blend of Hindi, Arabic, and Persian languages, because of its beauty of rich prose and creative poems?

Comprehending a new language activates your brain to work smarter. There are various options available to learn Urdu. But it is pretty surprising to see Urdu not present on Babbel.

However, you can try the most brilliant application that can serve the purpose more efficiently. To have an enjoyable instruction experience, try the most wonderful language learning software like the Ling Urdu app, which Simya Solutions offers. It is going to be a lot of fun.

Let’s get going!!



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