No Bengali On Duolingo: 2 Best Alternatives!

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Interested to learn but recently found out that there is no Bengali on Duolingo? You’ve come to the right place as this post will draw the curtains and provide you information on why you should take a Bengali course and the two free applications that you can use to start learning today. After all, learning a new language does not have to be difficult and expensive at all! By using free language resources, anyone can develop a skill and become a confident speaker in no time. If you are up for that, continue reading below.

No matter where you are in the world, having the ability to connect with other people is a high priority for us. Now if you are passionate about being able to speak with over 210 million people, then taking a Bengali course is a solid choice as it is the first and second language of many people across Bangladesh, India, and several other countries where there are Bangladeshi migrants. It is useful in the sense that you can engage with native speakers of this language may it be when you are traveling or working with them.

Also known as Bangla (বাংলা), this language is so unique but there are very few chances for English speakers, foreigners, and other language enthusiasts to learn it since not many course providers have learning resources just for this. In fact, even a quick Google search will tell you that there is not a lot of Bangla course you can choose from making it almost impossible to learn online back in the days. Fortunately, technology evolved and it now has given many users and opportunity to learn Bengali and other languages that are not as popular as Mandarin Chinese, French, or English.

If you are still on the fence on whether Bengali is the language you should master this year, then continue reading below to learn the three main reasons why you should consider it.

Why Take A Bengali Course

There is no denying that not many instantly consider taking a Bengali course as it is not deemed as popular as compared to when you are learning English (ESL) or Spanish courses. However, having proficiency in this one can literally open new doors for you both professionally and personally. So even if you are a traveler or someone who is interested in connecting with Bengali speakers, learning the basics will hurt you and might even boost your chances of earning some brownie points!

Connect With Native Bengali Speakers On A Whole New Level

While some of the locals do understand English, speaking with them in a language that is truly familiar to them will help prevent miscommunication. By using their native language, you are showing them that they can trust foreigners and that you are truly interested in getting to know them and their culture. And of course, the locals will become comfortable around you and you will be surprised at how many stories they have for you. What a great way to leave a lasting positive impression, don’t you think?

Bengali Is One Of The Most Widely Spoken Languages

There is a huge lot of speakers of this language and it definitely is a great thing to learn if you intend to impress people or perhaps get a job in Bangladesh. At present, Bengali is part of the top 5 most used languages and is higher in the ranking than Hindi. Therefore, putting this on the very high priority list of languages to learn will help you develop a competitive edge like no other.

Learning Bengali Is Easier Than Other Foreign Languages

Unlike when you are trying to learn English or Spanish, the grammar of Bengali is much easier to grasp. Although their alphabet may look overwhelming at first, learning their grammar rules in terms of strutting sentences and using verbs are very straightforward.

No Bengali On Duolingo

Since the native speakers are spread out beyond Bangladesh (where it is the main language), it is safe to assume that you will not have much trouble in finding native speakers of this language. For this reason, many English speakers are actually really looking forward to the development of “Bengali For English Speakers” on Duolingo but it seems that it is not happening any time soon. There are lots of talks about a reverse course being made available but there are still no official announcements regarding this.

Another main reason why it is taking Duolingo longer to create a Bengali course is that there are more people interested in learning Hindi (another mainly spoken language in the country). In addition, not many are passionate to contribute a few language resources related to this language too. However, nothing should stop you from learning this as there are two major applications that you can use today! Read on below to find out!

2 Free Apps To Learn Bengali

Instead of waiting for a course to learn Bengali using Duolingo, why not try to focus on using better apps that will guarantee to help you master Bengali anytime and anywhere? If you are up for that, then it is time for you to consider Simya Solutions’ Ling App and Simply Learn.

When it comes to learning world languages, nothing beats the gamified learning structure of the Ling App. Created by real native speakers and language professionals, the Bengali course from within the app is guaranteed to help you become a confident speaker in Bengali and 60+ other languages! Unlike other platforms which capitalize on the use of virtual flashcards, the Ling App makes use of an engaging gamified approach that keeps users on their toes when using the app.

For those who are looking for a more straightforward approach to learning and using words and phrases instantly, using Simply Learn for Bengali is the best choice. From within the app, you’ll have instant access to categories so that you can easily speak your mind when in certain situations- not sure of how to ask directions or looking for some phrases to express your feelings? Simply Learn has it all for you!



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