Moods And Emotions In Thai: 30+ Easy Terms

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Are you wondering what the commonly used words for describing moods and emotions in Thai are? Whether you are planning to go on a quick visit or if you are moving for good in Thailand, words related to feelings or ความรู้สึก (Khwām roo sụk) will come in handy. After all, we can never control when these feelings will change and what type of emotion we want to show for the day. Fortunately, there are plenty of words that go beyond โกรธ (gròot or angry) and เศร้า (sâo or sad)! In today’s post, we will walk you through all these words to help you create better expressions and be understood by the locals.

Allow us to ask you…วันนี้สบายดีไหม? (wan nee sabay di mai?) How are you today? What exact feelings have you been trying to bottle up inside today?

Let’s be honest, the feelings and emotions of humans are pretty complicated, yet it is a subject that has always intrigued us. What makes it interesting from a physiological point is that once a feeling change, everything about the world changes for you too. So, perhaps, you will start looking at things differently and will even influence others how and what to feel. And the best part about this is that feelings are not the same for all people, which is why some jokes may work, while others may find it uninteresting or may even end up getting angry at you.

So, before we take a deep dive into the exact words you can use to express specific emotions, let’s first focus on the important definitions related to this topic. You see, in order for one to begin using the terms in this post effectively, one must first understand what emotional literacy is all about.

Emotional literacy is a skill that refers to one’s innate ability to communicate and identify one’s exact feelings authentically. This is an important skill to develop, especially for children, since this can help them create stable and lasting relationships if they know how to handle their own emotions. One of the basic ways to ensure that you practice this skill is by directly processing it internally and then explaining it to the people around you. To help you get started, below are some common expressions you can use.

8 Primary Emotions In The Thai Language

In order to learn and master emotional literacy skills, you also have to memorize the primary emotions that every human has, according to Dr. Plutchik. Below are the translations for each.

Moods And Emotions In Thai Language

Now that we know the basic emotions, let’s us now dive deep into the translations for the most commonly used Thai words related to feelings so that you can start expressing yourself with confidence!

Thai Words When You Are Feeling Negative Emotions

Thai Words When You Are Feeling Positive Emotions

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