Mondly Review: Is It Really That Bad?

In this Mondly review, let’s discuss some of the questions I had before trying it out. The main surely was: “Is Mondly good?”.

For starters, I know there are a lot of negative reviews, and I don’t think most of them quite get it. So, let’s set the record straight with this Mondly review.

Mondly Review: Languages

Fortunately for us, there are many languages on Mondly. Because of that, there is a serious chance that the one you want to learn is waiting for you.

Let's see which languages Mondly has to offer:

What’s more, Mondly also has the option to learn from more than just English. This is really great for expanding the privilege of language learning to those who don’t have the privilege of learning English. I’m a huge fan of that.

Mondly Review: The Key Principles

Daily Use

Like many other language apps, Mondly prefers short yet frequent lessons. The platform provides a “daily lesson” for you, which includes sentences and new vocabulary, so you can learn in a language you’re learning. At the end of the class, you can recap everything you learn.

Also, you will get daily reminders as notifications. Just set them to appear at a time convenient to you and thas it.

As you enjoy your language learning journey, Mondly keeps you informed of how well you’ve been maintaining your daily study routine.

Translation Into Your L1

Unlike other apps that focus purely on the target language, Romania based team encourages you to learn to translate between your mother tongue or a language you already speak well and the language you just started to learn.

You can learn a new language by working on your typing, speaking, and choosing words from a list. Also, you will hear the words spoken in your target language so that you start to associate the written word with the spoken one.

Vide Range Of Learning Methods

Mondly combines daily lessons tailored for you with a route that leads you through the various topics and levels of learning a new language. This model is combined with innovative features like a chatbot and the augmented reality lessons.

Mondly Review: Features

Daily lessons

As I already said, Mondly provides you with daily lessons and gets you to keep up your language practice. Each day, you’ll get a notification reminding you that a new lesson is available.

Thanks to game-like exercises, you’re introduced to new vocabulary and relevant phrases for a topic you’re interested in. For example, you can have a daily lesson about travel, in which case you’ll learn the words for “airport,” “passport” and a way of saying “I am here on business.” At the end of the lesson, you will be reminded of the new words and phrases you learned in that lesson.

If you used Duolingo, these daily lessons will look very familiar to you. The format and style of the lessons are almost identical. Now you’re probably asking yourself why I should use Mondly when it’s the same as the app you already use. Just wait for the answer while reading about the other features.


Mondly’s chatbot emulates a conversation, giving you a chance to put the language you’re learning into practice.

The app gives you a virtual interlocutor and you’re invited to respond to conversational prompts, such as a general greeting, basic phrases, or a restaurant role-play. It suggests some responses to these, but it also accepts other correct answers.

I know that conversations like those are far from realistic, the speech-to-text functionality in Mondly is very good. That makes language learning enjoyable rather than a chore. At first, you should simply go with the suggested responses, but also try to think about what else you could say.

Augmented Reality

If you ask me, augmented reality technology is a big selling point for Mondly. Using this function, you can generate a CGI teacher in your office, living room, or wherever.

Some elements of this feature aren’t bad.

Your teacher will speak to you in your language, before conjuring objects to teach you about them. While just giving you the names of animals and the like is nothing groundbreaking, you can approach them and see vocabulary, for example, for different body parts and related vocabulary with a visual aid.

This means you can learn the word for “nose” while seeing it on the nose of a lion. I first checked out Mondly a while ago, and I still remember that pico is “beak” in Spanish thanks to a cute computer-generated chicken.

However, Mondly’s augmented reality feels more like a trick than an effective learning tool less effective because you’re pushed for time.

Also, the robotic voice and smooth features of your new lecturer make the whole experience quite strange.

Mondly Review: Pros And Cons

Mondly Review: Price

With Mondly free, you get access to the first 6 lessons, 1 conversation, 1 vocabulary section, and 1 Chatbot conversation. You also get those daily/weekly/monthly quizzes. So, if you think of it as a preview of the app, it's ok but the truth is that you can’t get a whole lot done.

In order to get everything else, you need Mondly Premium which includes 250 lessons, 33 conversations, and 36 vocab builders. while I’ve been using the Premium, the Mondly team has updated it with a ton of new content. They’re not sleeping at the wheel, that’s for sure.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve learned the info you wanted to know about this language learning app in my Mondly review.

I admit that Mondly makes some interesting moves in the language learning field. However, it’s hard to escape the feeling that the good parts are rehashed from existing apps. Also, the areas in which they’ve tried to innovate still need to be improved.

In my honest opinion, it’s worth downloading the free version. If the features strike your fancy and you want to spend some money, go ahead and become a Mondly Premium user. However, since the price is not so cheap for a product like this, it has a way to go before catching up with some of the leaders in the area. Maybe you should try using the Ling app and learn a new language in an effective way.



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