Memrise Vs Duolingo: Which One Is Better For Your Language Learning Style

At the beginning of this Memrise Vs Duolingo battle, let’s talk about the numbers.

According to statistics and surveys conducted for free services for learning foreign languages, Memrise had the most positive results and ratings from users. So this service has a “Medium” rating for efficiency and time efficiency while all other free similar services are rated as “Low”.

So, based on the numbers, Memrise is the service that has the best ratings and the most performance in the shortest time compared to other free competitors, including Duolingo. However, I would like to give you my point of view on that one.

Facts About Memrise

It is a wonderful study aid that helps its users memorize signs, expressions, and vocabulary. Although it is mostly about learning a language, you can study any subject with it. It is perfect for math, science, economics, or any other course created and shared by users.

Memrise interface is not that highly polished and easy to use interface. You should start with the first lesson before starting the course. All lessons after they remain locked until the end of the current one. Think of it as a game, if you don’t successfully complete a level, you won’t move on to the next one.

Even if you are a free member, you can choose as many courses as you want, it will not limit you. You can choose programs for beginners or even advanced. It all depends on what you are capable of.

If you think your teaching is going too slowly, you can change the number of subjects you study based on the settings. Whether you want to go slow or fast is up to you. As you go, the icon in the shape of a plant begins to grow and the more you go, it grows stems, leaves, and then turns into a flower.

Story About Duolingo

Duolingo is designed as a game in which you cross levels by taking simple lessons. Each lesson consists of one or more tests, as well as a final test that you can do to update the words from the whole lesson. The tests are designed to slowly introduce you to language learning. Each new test contains a few new words, so at the end of each test, you increase your vocabulary of words you know or at least recognize. The test itself is not a problem for you to pass, even though you do not know the new words.

Duolingo introduces you to new words by showing them in pictures and then in the continuation of the test he places them in sentences and expressions in order to determine them. If you answer a question incorrectly, it shows you the answer and that question will be repeated at the end of the test until you answer it correctly.

After passing all the tests from one lesson, Duolingo opens new lessons that you can learn in the next period but also gives 2 lingots. Lingots are a Duolingo currency that you can exchange in the Shop for various benefits or game improvements.

Memrise Vs Duolingo: Pros And Cons



Memrise Vs Duolingo: Final Thoughts

Memrise and Duolingo are both great, but they help you with different goals. Memrise is mostly vocabulary oriented platform. On the other hand, Duolingo is more of a general language learning program that is dedicated to grammar.

In my honest opinion, Duolingo Vs Memrise battle ends with the second one as a winner…but with very little advantage. If you want to rely on a single language app to help you learn a new language or revive skills, Duolingo should be your choice.

However, if you want to seriously work on your language learning, my advice is to use both platforms (if it’s entirely possible).

If you prefer more organized and uniform instruction, with an added focus on sentence structure, you should rely on Duolingo. But, Memrise will help you to boost vocabulary and give you a more fluid learning experience.

If you want some fun and friendly self-competition, you should consider trying Ling App. This language learning app is also a great option for you.



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