Memrise Review: Is It Really That Good?

You are probably here in search of information about Memrise reviews that will tell you is worthy of your time and money. I hope this Memrise review can help you with that.

So far, the most widespread online language application in the world is certainly Duolingo. I already wrote Memrise vs Duolingo review, but this time we will talk a bit more about Memrise.

Memrise was one of the most awarded applications last year. They won the Google Play Awards for 2017 and second place as the best app for the iPhone and iPad. Behind the mentioned application is a team of scientists who conceived the application as a combination of scientific theories about learning with entertaining content.

The application enables the learning of foreign languages ​​by using mnemonics (a type of technique for facilitated memory by connecting words and pictures) which makes it easier to remember expressions in foreign languages.

The tasks on the application are shown in English and the target language (German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish) to create a connection (association) between the two languages. All tasks are accompanied by the pronunciation of native speakers, which can also be seen through short videos, which makes this application even more dynamic and original.

Differently set tasks, from the correspondence of words, multiple choice, the exact order of words in a sentence, etc., also bring a certain amount of time, depending on the difficulty of the task, and of course the corresponding points. As you conquer levels, you travel through space as the app is visually conceived as a journey.

Memrise Review: Who Can Use It

It can also be helpful if you are already going to college and studying a language or taking a foreign language course.

It’s easy to learn on it, I’ve even tried it myself. I’m learning Japanese using Memrise.

Whether you are a beginner or not, you can improve your knowledge and improve your vocabulary through these applications. Why not?

I practice learning before bed, if I’m not too tired, I go over a few words for that day, and sometimes in the morning. The effect is the same as when we solve crossword puzzles, although today’s generations of young people don’t really do that, it’s good for the mind.

Memrise Review: Available Languages

There are currently official Memrise courses for 22 languages:

How Memrise Courses Look Like

Memrise courses are pretty heavy on the vocabulary side of things. So, if you stick to the lessons made by Memrise itself, you’ll learn vocab and a few key conversational phrases. In other words, simple rote memorization…just like its name says.

Memrise doesn’t have a strict system of memorization of the content. You can go through whatever lessons you want and whenever you want since they are organized from the ultimate beginner to intermediate-beginner. The titles of lessons are not really organized in a way that you can see at a glance what exactly you’ll be studying. It can take you some time to figure out where to start — in case you’re not an ultimate beginner.

Once you finish the Memrise courses, it will remind you to review the content you’ve learned. Also, you’re forced to review the same content every day…I don’t think that it is the best way to exercise your memory I’m not an expert in that field. So, if you get one flashcard wrong you’ll get it repeated. And that’s it.

Memrise App Review

In the near past Memrise wasn’t so great application. Fortunately for all of the language learning lovers, the team stepped up and made their app much more user-friendly. Today, Memrise is nice and smooth and ready to compete with the most popular language-learning apps — having cute sounds, vibrations when you answer a question wrong, and seamless integration with what you’re doing on a desktop.

However, the Memrise app still has one hiccup to fix: you can’t access your statistics. Feedback about my journey and growth is very important to me. So, I spend most of my time on a computer since I can’t see my statistics on the Memrise app.

When we are talking about consistency, the Memrise app doesn’t help its users with that. There are no push notifications, no number that tells you how many days in a row you’ve learned…and we all know how consistency and motivation are important in language learning.

Memrise Review: Pros And Cons


There are three options for people looking to purchase the full version of Memrise.

Monthly subscription — $8.99/month

Annual subscription — $5.00/month — For this plan, you pay the full year’s price upfront.

Lifetime Membership — $99.99

However, a lot of what Memrise offers is available for free and it’s the best way to start.

Final Words

The more we learn words, the better the memory. That’s how we strengthen a neuron.

It is interesting that in this application, words and phrases are placed in sentences. This makes it easier to remember. You will also get some associations for the meaning of the word.

Sometimes words are mixed in a sentence, so some new ones are learned along the way. They repeat themselves constantly and check everything at the beginning of the next lesson so that you don’t forget anything.

You can install the app on your phone or tablet if that’s easier.

What matters is that there is no pressure to learn 50 words every day, but you may forget something or learn something wrong. You will experience the testing you are going through as a game, so there is no stress. This is enjoying and learning a language at the same time. If you didn’t believe it existed, well, it exists now!

Memrise uses a creative and easy way to memorize foreign words. The goal of this app is to help users expand their vocabulary by learning words efficiently. Memrise also offers an offline option to continue learning without an internet connection.

Memrise will help you learn a bunch of new words easily. If you love to learn a new language in a more fun way, you should try Ling App.



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