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Have you ever heard Thai people use words that sounded exactly like what you knew in another language? That might be foreign loanwords in Thai.

Tinglish refers to the English spoken by Thai people with their native accents. Thai people regularly use English vocabulary, especially technical terms, in their own language, such as computer (kom-pew-TER).

We bet that you will never see a single Thai individual in your everyday life using the word “คณิตกร,” pronounced as “ká nít gɔɔn,” which refers to a computer, for example. Many Thai terms, however, have been taken from other languages, including not just English but also Sanskrit, Chinese, Portuguese, and more.

You might be surprised to learn that the Thai words you’ve been using aren’t truly native Thai words, as we talk about the use of foreign borrowed words in everyday Thai conversation today.

English Loanwords In Thai Conversation

It’s to be expected that English would have an impact on and be incorporated into languages throughout the world, including Thai. However, the Thai people are generally open to diverse perspectives, so foreigners have had a major impact on their cuisine, fashion, and vocabulary.

You’ll hear the following English-borrowed words in everyday Thai conversation. Let’s check them out!

Sanskrit Loanwords In Thai Daily Conversation

Scripts used by southern Buddhists like Khmers and Thais all have their roots in India, namely in the ancient Indian alphabet Brahmi. Since Buddhist literature was originally written in Sanskrit, this ancient Indian language significantly impacted Thai, as seen in the many Sanskrit loanwords found in contemporary Thai. More than half of its lexicon is a direct or indirect descendant of Sanskrit.

There is no conclusive count of the number of loanwords from Sanskrit to Thai, so first, look at some words commonly used in casual conversation and see how much the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit has inspired modern Thai.

Sanskrit Loanwords In Thai Written Or Formal Conversation

We’ve already shown the use of Sanskrit loanwords in daily Thai; now, we’ll introduce you to a few others you might not know; even native Thai speakers don’t use them frequently. However, you may see these words on the Thai news or in Thai period drama titles.

Persian Loanwords In Thai Conversation

Here is an example of a Thai word borrowed from Persian.

Chinese Loanwords In Thai Conversation

Several Chinese dialects have significantly impacted the development of Thai words. However, some terms stayed the same in pronunciation while others were modified.

The following table lists common Chinese loanwords in Thai and their corresponding Chinese pronunciations.

Portuguese Loanwords In Thai Conversation

Here is an example of a Thai word borrowed from Portuguese.

Arabic Loanwords In Thai Conversation

Here is an example of a Thai word borrowed from Arabic


Can you think of any other English terms that have been adopted into Thai? Many Thai words are borrowed from other languages, and knowing their origins might simplify learning Thai speech. There are more words than the ones we’ve shown you here. We hope that you’ll be able to adopt the Thai pronunciation of loanwords as you immerse yourself in Thai culture. We are wishing you the best of luck!

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