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Would you like to get educated about the most common slang in Armenian? You might know most of the Armenian phrases but can you understand or use all of the Armenian slang? In this article, we will walk you through some of the amazing Armenian slang words, so let’s get started!

Armenian Slang Words

Since the Armenian language is constantly changing, there are always new Armenian slang words being generated both in Eastern as well as the Western Armenian. Let’s look at each slang word and learn how to use it properly.

կա (Ka)

The slang word կա (Ka) is a versatile one. Armenians use this for almost everything. They genuinely love this slang word because of its versatility. The Armenians have got it from the Beirutsi/Halebtsi.

This word means “there is”. But if you look at the meaning that it implies for most Armenians, then you might want to classify this slang word as an interjection and not a preposition or adverb of place.

կա (Ka) serves the same purpose that the word “wow” or “woah” in English does. Armenians it in a pleasant way when they are surprised by something and it is a pleasant surprise.

Here are some situations for you to learn the usage of this slang word and then use it where it applies.

When Someone Gets Promoted

When Someone Has A Baby

When Someone Looks Fabulous

Կա, Հա՜ (Ka, Ha՜)

A great way to agree with someone is to emphasize what they are asking. How would you feel if you are asking/telling someone something and they respond enthusiastically with something like “yeah man! totally”.

That would be great, right? Why not learn a similar slang to help your Armenian friends know that you are interested in talking to them. The Armenian slang word which might place the English expression “yah man!” is Կա, հա՜ (Ka, ha՜).

You can use it in several situations but it would be mostly used while talking to someone you know. It’s better not to use it in professional settings since it’s slang and that too a casual one.


Հա, Կա՜ (Ha, Ka՜)

No, this is not a mistake. This might look like a mistake to you since this is a reversed version of the previous slang word that you have learned: Կա, հա՜ (Ka, ha՜). However, Հա, կա՜ (Ha, ka՜) is genuinely another slang in the Armenian language.

It is usually used to express The same thing as the previous one, just with a lack of interest. You can say it when you either don’t care about what you’re being told or you are bored by it. If someone seems to be talking nonsense, feel free to use it.

However, you should not use it with the people whom you respect since it might offend them. It might be funny to say this after someone has narrated you an entire story. Their response would be interesting. It might be funny and people would laugh, or it might result in asking you to say goodbye forever.

So it is important to note that its usage is confined to a person who is either your friend or very close to you.


Չե, Կա՜ (CH’e, Ka՜)

The slang word Չե, կա՜ (CH’e, ka՜) means “no, man. You use this slang word when you do not want something. The word Չե (che) in itself means “no”. So that makes sense considering all the points that you have previously learned about.

Feel free to use it in most situations when you feel irritated. Or genuinely don’t want to do something. Armenian people tend to use this slang unintentionally. Whenever they don’t want something, they simply say Չե, կա՜ (CH’e, ka՜)


Ջան (Jan)

The word ջան (jan) means dear. It seems to be similar to the word Janam in Farsi/Persian which also means dear or love. There are several people that you want to make feel special. It is the slang of endearment in Armenian.

This is not a formal version of calling someone dear or a loved one. Instead, it should only be used with the people whom you love. A random Armenian stranger might take an offense if you call them ջան (Jan).

Վայ (Vay)

Let’s also learn about a slang word that you can use to imply that you are thinking about something or something that has genuinely shocked you. վայ (Vay) is a slang word that most Armenians use in their everyday speech when they are shocked at something.

You can also use this when you want to show that you have acknowledged something. It serves both the function of “oh and wow” in Armenian.

Աման (Aman)

Armenian is the first place where Christianity prevailed and thus the entire world followed the similar concepts brought to them. The influence of religion is a lot in Armenian culture, and even in their speech.

Such a religious slang in Armenian is աման (Aman) which people say when they mean to say something like “Oh God” or “Oh Lord”.

Learn More About The Armenian Language

Now that you know all the basic words and all the essential phrases, you can easily have a proper conversation with an Armenian person. If Armenia is a new country for you then you should learn many things in Armenian like Armenian idioms, funny Armenian phrases, and traditional market popular phrases.

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