Learn 49+ Useful Slovenian Vocab About Hobbies

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4 min readNov 28, 2022

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Do you know enough Slovenian vocab about hobbies? In this blog post, we will learn all about the important words to help you talk about your hobbies in Slovenia along with different sentences. So let’s get started!!!!

Slovenian Vocab About Hobbies

Hobbies are called “Hobi” in the Slovenian language.

A few days back, I visited Slovenia for work and stayed in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana city.

The weather in Slovenia was very cool. I was having informal conversations with some groups of Slovenian people and some people from other countries as well. We were having fun and then they started talking about Slovenian hobbies.

One of the natives asked me about hobbies in Slovenian and I went blank because I had no idea what to say. Awkward!

So I made a list of Slovenian hobbies. And then after that, I did some research on the department of sports and other places to learn more about the hobbies Slovenians love. I managed to ascertain that the most popular hobbies are reading books, horse riding, baking, gardening, singing, games, and shopping.

Cognitive Hobbies

Famous Hobbies

Slovenia is rich in freshwater so gardening is a famous hobby of Slovenians. Almost every house has a garden in its backyard where Slovenians grow different vegetables like cauliflower, garlic, beetroot, onion, potatoes, etc.


Now that you know about one of the most famous hobbies of the people in Slovenia, let’s learn a few useful words which will enhance your relationship with the Slovenian people.


Many people love to paint the Slovenian landscape with all its beautiful colors, therefore you will have art buddies if you ever want to pursue painting as a hobby when you go to Slovenia. Just learn these basic words about painting and you’re good to go!

Active Hobbies

Useful Sentences

Here is a list of all the sentences that you should know about hobbies.

More Hobbies Enhance Communication Skills

Listening to what other people are saying is the best way to discover their communication skills. They later review the things talked about and comment on their thoughts.

After exploring and learning about these hobbies, I study them as well. I go to the library and read some books and watch documentaries. I also read about their culture as well. I downloaded and watched a video of Slovenian hobbies and tried to check my vocabulary. This is a great recommendation for any language learner.

Wrapping Up

Slovenian is a little complex but learning the Slovenian language is important and it becomes more essential once you live there.

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