Korean Haircut Vocabulary: 30+ Interesting Terms

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Would you like to learn an interesting Korean haircut vocabulary? You are at the right place! If you are crazy about getting your hair cut every once in a while, you might need to cut your hair in Korea once you travel.

Korean hair salons are considered pretty great! Once you travel to the country, going to a Korean salon is something you shouldn’t miss. Mainly because of the overall unique experience. Depending on the place, you may find yourself surrounded by luxury and being the center of attention.

They will offer you a cup of tea, something to eat, and even give you a short interview about the style you would like while they show you options on their iPad.

Let me tell you, I’ve gone to many Korean salons, and all of them were interesting, even those less luxurious. I even had the opportunity to cut my hair by one of the best Korean hairstylists in Hongdae! Even though it is expensive compared to other countries, it was fun and interesting to have a different haircut.

So if you are also eager to have such a fun experience, I will walk you through all the necessary Korean haircut vocabulary to help you find your way around a Korean salon to get the best haircut.

Korean Haircut Vocabulary

Here is a list of all the most important words to know about Korean haircuts:

Korean Hairstyles

Another bonus for you is the Korean hairstyle vocabulary which can assist you further in a Korean hair salon after you have gotten your desired haircut:

Useful Sentences

Imagine you are at a Korean salon, and you need a haircut. You shouldn’t expect everyone to speak English because they won’t. From a personal experience, I tell you, not even in the salon where famous actors go they talk to me in English.

Therefore, you should have at least some basic vocabulary under your pocket to survive that conversation. After all, you want the hairstylist to understand what you want for your hair.

So, get ready and learn some useful sentences which can help you communicate with the staff of a hair salon.

Ready To Talk About Haircuts In Korean?

That’s all you need to know about the Korean Haircut Vocabulary, but your learning doesn’t end here. You might also be interested in the Korean map, Korean hand gestures, and more useful conversational vocabulary for your trip to Korea.

Ling App by Simya Solutions is a great place for everyone to increase their Korean language level and get deep insight into Korean culture. Download the application to enhance your language learning process and increase your progress multifold.

Happy Learning!



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