Korean Girl Names: #1 Guide To Beautiful Names & Meanings

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Are you interested in knowing about cute Korean girl names and their meanings? This blog post will provide you with a list of 350+ girl names in Korean. You will learn about different Korean girl names, which can help you discover the meaning of your friend’s name or even name your child. So let’s get started.

About Korean Names

In South Korean culture, people emphasize the meaning behind the names. They tend to learn about their children’s names before choosing one, as it will practically describe their child.

There was a time when Korean people used Chinese characters to name their children. So the meanings of many names will have Chinese as a root, and they will depend on the Hanja (Chinese character) used to write each syllable.

So, parents will choose a Hanja that perfectly describes what they expect and want from their child. It is like a wish for their children’s traits and personalities.

One could even say that they try to write the attributes of their children with the name they choose. Therefore, they must select the name wisely.

There are different Korean beliefs about Korean names, making it obligatory to have a lovely and significant name for your child.

Cute Korean Girl Names And Their Meanings

Here are the top 10 names for Korean girls with their respective meanings to increase your knowledge of Korean culture!

Ae Cha (애차)

Ae-Cha means “a loving daughter.” Many people in South Korea name their child as Ae-Cha because they desire to have a loving daughter.

Bong Cha (봉차)

Another beautiful name is Bong-Cha, a Korean word meaning “superior” or “ultimate girl.” This name is usually given to a very delicate and feminine girl.

Hwa Young (화영)

The Korean girl’s name Hwa Young means “a beautiful flower.” The people who want their girls to be soft-spoken and gorgeous tend to give them this Korean girl name.

Eun Kyung (은경)

The Korean name Eun-Kyung means “a graceful gem.” It is an elegant and royal name by the way it sounds.

Soo Yun (수연)

Although this name is unisex, it is often for females. There are so many Korean names for flowers, and one such name is Soo Yun which means “perfect lotus flower.”

Hee-Jin (희진)

A very melodic Korean name is Hee-Jin which means “precious pearl.” It is a nice poetic word to name your baby daughter.

Bong Seon (봉선)

Another beautiful Korean name is Bong Seon which means “impatient flower.” A child who seems a bit persistent is often named Bong Seon.

Soo Ae (수애)

The philanthropists in South Korea who believe in humanity, give their girls a unique name, for example, Soo Ae which means a “generous and goodwill person.”

Eunjoo (은주)

If you are fond of flowers, you can name your baby girl Eunjoo. The name means “a little flower.”

Soo Min (수민)

This name means “excellence and cleverness.” In the old times, only the clever girls could survive in the palace, and thus people started naming their girls Soo Min.

List Of Korean Girl Names

Wrapping Up

Are you amazed by the original and beautiful meaning of Korean names? I am!

Continue learning more about the deep meaning of Korean names, and enhance your knowledge of this millenary culture by learning the Korean language. Learn with fun lessons in Ling!

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Happy Learning!



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