Irish Prepositions: 15+ Best Essential Terms To Learn

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Would you like to learn about the Irish prepositions? Irish prepositions make a crucial part of Irish grammar. Suppose you want to talk about the position of anything; you need to have some helping words. This blog will walk you through all the prepositions in the Irish language, which you must know to form sentences.

Irish Prepositions

Irish prepositions play a vital role in Irish grammar since they tell you about the location of each noun. Modern Irish prepositions are different from the old Irish preposition. Certain features faced initial mutations.

There are two main types of prepositions: simple and derived. We tend to use the dative case in the former while we use the genitive case in the latter.

There are countless Irish prepositions that you should know about. Here is the list of most common Irish prepositions for you to memorize.

Prepositional Pronouns In The Irish Language

The pronouns in Irish are often changed based on the prepositions. After conjugating with the prepositions, the pronouns become prepositional pronouns. For example, a prepositional pronoun is “aige”, which means “at him.”

Major Differences

The pronouns in Irish are different from English and many other languages. For instance, there is a single word “you” for both singular and plural forms of the second person in English. Also, even the inanimate objects have grammatical gender in Irish.

Different Dialects

Furthermore, you should know that using the “inn” prepositional pronouns is more appropriate if you talk in the Munster dialect. You would use the Irish preposition muid in other dialects.

“Have” Vs “On”

Irish and English are quite different from each other in many ways. For instance, there might be many words used to describe any feelings, emotions, or physical features in English. Still, you can use “have” for all that. However, in Irish, you need to use “ar” (on).

For example, the phrase “ar mhuin an chapaill áirithe seo” means “on the back of the horse.”

Conjugations In Irish Grammar

Conjugations for Irish prepositions imply the relative position of each (nonverbal and verbal) noun. Let’s look at certain phrases as examples.

Example Sentences

Wrapping Up

Now you know about several ways to use different Irish prepositions. Celtic languages are not easy to learn, but Ling App makes it a piece of cake for you. You start learning Irish using little words with Irish vowels and consonants and then move on to learning a small sentence in Irish. Each blog post has a worthy lesson for you to learn a lot from. You can have access to both the videos and written blog posts. Feel free to check out Irish Cooking Utensils Vocabulary and Easy Irish Business Vocabulary.

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