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4 min readSep 7, 2021

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In this modern era of technology, people spend most of their time using mobile phones and other gadgets, here, you should do something out of the box. If you are about to visit Latvia, introducing yourself in Latvian is what you need to learn.

In Latvia, people speak Latvian as the official language since 1918. Stop thinking of visiting a place where you could not understand the language of another person. Instead, get ready to learn the Latvian language and greet new people around the Globe.

By speaking in Latvian like an expert, you may leave a lasting impact of a positive impression on the Latvians. So, let’s get started if you’re ready for us to drop the beans! First, let’s go over some standard self-introduction techniques that you can use to start a discussion or introducing yourself in Latvian to new friends.

3 Useful Steps For Introducing Yourself In Latvian

Start With Some Basic Greetings

One of the first steps in learning the Latvian language is understanding essential meets and greets. When you meet someone in another country, you should greet them by saying some greetings in their language. First, greet someone with “Good morning!” in Latvian (pronounced “Labrit”). After that, state your name and begin the day with a fantastic chat. Some of the basic greeting terms are below.

Useful Phrases For Introducing Yourself In Latvian

Phrases like “My name is…” are used to speak with a stranger in a new country. In an area like Latvia, everyone cannot understand your language. In this situation, you should know the basics to introduce yourself in Latvian. Using introductory phrases can help you make new peeps; in the proceeding future, you guys can even exchange your mail ids to get connected. Ask someone “What is your name?” in Latvian “kāds ir tavs vārds?” and begin the conversation.

Formal Ways

While speaking with elders and women in another country, you should keep Introducing Yourself In Latvian formally. Being formal, you can be nice enough to impress someone. Do not jump into slang when you are in a new place. Speak like “Sir! How are you” Kungs! kā tev iet?”

Informal Ways

Greetings with people of your age can be fun. You can even use slang words to greet young people whose sense of humor is higher than the elder ones. Use informal ways of introducing yourself in Latvian and say, “Hi! How is your life going?” “Sveiki! Kā rit tava dzīve?” or you can even create a fun atmosphere saying words like “Howdy partner! What’s your plan this evening?” in Latvian “Sveiks partneris! Kāds tev šovakar plāns?”

Latvian Vocabulary And Phrases Used After Introduction

When one person knows another person’s language, there are probably greater chances of making new friends. Learn the introductory vocabulary of Latvian and introduce yourself in Latvian with confidence. When you ask someone about their profession, you could say, “what do you do for a living” which in Latvian is “Kā tu nopelni iztiku.” Basics of any language are easy, and learning something new builds a sense of confidence in your mind. Use the following phrases to introduce yourself in the Latvian language and know other people speaking the Latvian language.

Start Learning The Latvian Language Today!

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