How To Book Accommodation In Vietnamese — 50+ Useful Phrases

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If you plan to travel to Vietnam, you will need to book a room at the destination. It is better to book it in advance or at least check some information about the place before the traveling date. So, do you know how to book accommodation in Vietnamese? You can say ‘Tôi muốn đặt phòng,’ which means I want to book a room.

Before deciding to book a room, you should also ask about the room’s facilities and if they have any other requirements. In today’s lesson, I am going to share with you some phrases to help you check the room before making a reservation and book a room for your trip to Vietnam.

Different Types Of Accommodation In Vietnamese

There are different types of accommodations in Vietnam. Before learning sentences for making a room reservation, you should have learned how they call a hotel, a motel, etc. in the Vietnamese language.

1) Hotel — Khách Sạn

A hotel (khách sạn) in Vietnam can be owned by a family or a company. There are different hotel rankings from 1-star (một sao) to 5-star (năm sao). The hotel rankings in Vietnam follow the international hotel assessment.

2) Motel — Khách Sạn Bên Đường

A motel is a hotel built next to main routes, so people can stay overnight when they are tired of driving a long distance. Although the full name of a motel in Vietnamese is ‘khách sạn bên đường’, people usually call it ‘khách sạn’.

3) Resort — Khu Nghỉ Dưỡng

If you would like to have a nice room or a bungalow, with a swimming pool and a garden, a resort is a good choice. In Vietnamese, a resort is called ‘khu nghỉ dưỡng’.

4) Hostel — Nhà Nghỉ

A hostel (nhà nghỉ) is usually cheaper than a hotel. In Vietnam, you can book a private room or a shared room at a hostel. A shared room is cost-saving but it lacks privacy. If you travel with your partner, you might want to book a private room at a reasonable price.

5) Villa — Biệt Thự

A villa (biệt thự) is different from a resort. In a resort, you will have a room or a bungalow for yourself, and share other facilities such as the swimming pool, the garden, and the pathway. In a villa, you will have everything for yourself during your stay. A villa is the best choice when you go with family or a group of families.

6) Serviced Apartment — Căn Hộ Du Lịch

A serviced apartment (căn hộ du lịch) is a self-serviced apartment that has all facilities for guests for a short-term stay such as a kettle, a refrigerator, towels. You can book a serviced apartment from different websites such as Airbnb.

7) Guest House — Nhà Khách

A guest house (nhà khách) is similar to a hotel but it doesn’t reach the hotel standard. A guest house in cities in Vietnam usually includes several rooms with basic services and facilities such as air conditioning, towels, TV.

Learn Vietnamese Hotel-Related Vocabulary

Now is the time to learn some Vietnamese words and phrases relating to accommodation.

  • Accommodation — Chỗ ở
  • A room — Phòng
  • Booking, reservation — Đặt phòng
  • Breakfast — Bữa sáng
  • Air conditioning — Điều hoà
  • Room service — Dịch vụ phòng
  • A standard room — Phòng tiêu chuẩn
  • A deluxe room — Phòng sang trọng
  • A luxury room — Phòng cao cấp
  • A single room — Phòng đơn
  • A double room — Phòng đôi
  • A safe — Két sắt
  • Room key — Chìa khoá phòng
  • Bed — Giường
  • Single bed — Giường đơn
  • Double bed — Giường đôi
  • Towel — Khăn tắm
  • Swimming pool — Bể bơi
  • Non-smoking — Không hút thuốc
  • Days — Ngày
  • Nights — Đêm
  • Reception — Lễ tân
  • Receptionist — Nhân viên lễ tân
  • Check-in — Nhận phòng
  • Check-out — Trả phòng
  • Pay — Thanh toán, trả tiền phòng
  • Travel guides — Hướng dẫn du lịch
  • Travel advice — Lời khuyên du lịch
  • Guests — Khách
  • Tourists — Khách du lịch
  • Services — Dịch vụ
  • Laundry service — Dịch vụ giặt là
  • Tours — Chuyến du lịch
  • Bar — Quầy ba
  • Budget — Ngân sách
  • Price — Giá cả
  • Cancellation policy — Chính sách huỷ phòng
  • Refund policy — Chính sách hoàn tiền

How To Book Accommodation In Vietnamese

Do you want to try making a reservation in Vietnamese? Remember the following sentences to get started. I’m sure they will be helpful when you travel to some rural areas in Vietnam where English is not spoken.

  • Hello / Hi — Xin chào!
  • I’d like to make a reservation. — Tôi muốn đặt phòng.
  • Are there rooms available? — Có phòng trống không?
  • Can I have a look? — Cho tôi xem phòng được không?
  • Is internet included? — Có bao gồm internet không?
  • Is breakfast included? — Có bao gồm bữa sáng không?
  • Is the hotel located near the center? — Khách sạn có gần trung tâm không?
  • Where can I find the laundry? — Tiệm giặt là ở đâu?
  • Do you have a safe? — Phòng có két sắt không?
  • How can I get to the hotel? — Đến khách sạn đi đường nào?
  • How much does the room cost? — Phòng có giá bao nhiêu?
  • I’d like to stay for … nights. — Tôi muốn ở … đêm.
  • I want a single room. — Tôi muốn lấy phòng đơn.
  • I want a double room. — Tôi muốn lấy phòng đôi.
  • I have a reservation. — Tôi có đặt chỗ trước.
  • I will arrive at … (time) — Tôi sẽ đến lúc … (giờ).
  • I will leave at … (time) — Tôi sẽ đi lúc … (giờ).
  • I forgot the room key. — Tôi quên chìa khoá phòng.
  • Can I leave my luggage here? — Tôi để hành lý ở đây được không?
  • How long is it from the hotel to the airport? — Khách sạn cách sân bay bao xa?
  • Do you have a baby bed? — Khách sạn có giường trẻ em không?
  • I would like to reserve a single room. — Tôi muốn đặt một phòng đơn.
  • Could you bring my breakfast to room number …? — Bạn có thể mang bữa sáng tới phòng số … được không?
  • I would like a hotel reservation. — Tôi muốn đặt phòng khách sạn.
  • I canceled my hotel reservation. — Tôi đã huỷ đặt phòng.

If you want to practice these phrases and learn more Vietnamese words, try the Ling app. The app has fun, bite-sized games which will definitely make your Vietnamese studying journey more enjoyable.




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