FluentU Vs Busuu: #1 Best Language Learning App?

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Today’s FluentU vs. Busuu blog will discuss the critical differences between the two apps. Here we will discuss which is better in terms of vocabulary training for total beginners. Also, we will see which one has the best features that will boost your language learning process.

One of the best features that a complete beginner needs in learning their target language is a language learning app with speech recognition technology. This feature is excellent for those interested in learning how to pronounce like a native speaker. Some learners may also want to experience writing exercises to practice their skills, especially if the language they are learning has its writing system. In addition, they may wish the learning language application to be pleasing and interactive. Other users want to have a plain or straightforward graphic interface because they only wanted an easy-to-use interface to focus on various lesson formats. We all have our requirements and reasons for choosing a language learning app.

Let’s look at what these apps can offer in the sections below.

FluentU Review: Just A Quick Look

FluentU is a language learning application that offers interactive videos with downloadable transcriptions. You can also choose subtitles (other languages) in watching a video. Watching the various videos helps the beginner learn new vocabulary and master a particular word of your target language. This language learning app also provides lesson-like articles for better understanding and appreciating the cultural aspect of the target language.

As a first-time user of this app, you have a free 14 day trial (one minute per day) in learning a new word or language. If you need to learn more, you need to avail yourself of the premium version, wherein you can use the ten languages unlimitedly. FluentU is available both in the web version and mobile app version. If you are using iOS, you can download it in App Store and if you have an Android device, download it at Play Store.

Can FluentU Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Since FluentU only offers ten different languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, English, Russian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese), this will not be an excellent tool for those looking to become a native speaker of a niche language. In addition, it has limited explanations, which means that you will need to use other learning materials on top of this.

How To Use FluentU

You need to sign in and enter your details. After that, you will select your level in learning your target language (Beginner level, Intermediate level, and Advanced level). After that, there will be several educational videos (related to your target language). Once you choose and finish watching the video, you will be given a quiz (language questions) related to the video, and you need to repeat what it says. Then, there is a native speaker who will correct you.

Features Of FluentU

Below are the features of FluentU:

  1. Videos — offers real-world videos as video lessons with tappable voice-overs and subtitles (provides grammar information, pronunciation, sample sentences in real-world contexts). You can put the unfamiliar words on flashcard reviews to learn them afterward.
  2. Audios — offers audios with pictures to guide the beginners in their target language
  3. Flashcards — sample words are used with different contexts (with audio from native speaker, pictures)
  4. Audio And Video Playlists — for lesson compilations
  5. Educational Blogs — for more understanding of the target language (history, culture, writing system, etc.)
  6. Games -interactive quiz with corresponding points

Is FluentU A Free App?

FluentU is a free app in just 14 days. You can use this trial version for one minute a day.

FluentU Premium Version And Subscription

There are two premium subscription plans to choose from:

A monthly subscription costs you $29.99/month. The annual subscription costs $239.99/year

Pros And Cons Of FluentU

Busuu Review: Just A Quick View

Busuu is a language learning app that also focuses on learning vocabulary. But unlike in FluentU, this app focuses on speaking skills and translating words. For example is, you might record your answer then or write it when given various language questions.

If you learn the Korean language in Busuu, you might bump into an open-ended question such as ‘Introduce yourself in Korean.’ You can record your answer, and the audio-recorded answer will be sent and reviewed by the native speakers from the app. Afterward, they will give feedback about your speaking skills and pronunciations. Aside from translating and vocabulary training through speaking, the app also offers native language speakers support, speed repetition exercises, and other speaking skills of your target language.

Can Busuu Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Busuu language learning app might help you train vocabulary words but not fluency. Using Busuu alone cannot help you become a native speaker. It only helps and guides you in some of the essential terms and vocabulary of a particular target language. Moreover, the free version only offers limited features.

How To Use Busuu

In the Busuu app, you should begin with the basics before going on to the next phase. Since Busuu uses spaced repetition system, the app will help the language learners to master their target language because of the repeated listening exercises, essential phrases, and words through interactive games using flashcards. This style of learning is excellent for a beginner.

Languages Available On Busuu

Unlike FluentU, Busuu offers 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Polish.

Is Busuu A Free App?

Yes, Busuu is a free app. But Busuu language learning app is better when using the premium version.

Busuu Premium Version And Subscription

In the Busuu Premium Plus plan, the app allows you to master up to 12 languages! This may be great for some who are just using the app as a supplementary resource. If you need a more well-rounded learning resource, you might want to consider premium subscriptions. The Busuu premium currently retails for $6.59 per month, and it gives you offline access to your target languages. If you are interested in taking official McGraw Hill tests, the Premium Plus at $7.53 per month is what you need. If you believe that this is the best app you can ever have, you can also opt-in for the lifetime subscription price, which is around $159.99.

Pros And Cons Of Busuu

FluentU Vs Busuu: Final Thoughts

FluentU Vs. Busuu, which one is the best language learning platform for beginners?

If you are the learner and your learning is through watching videos, you may choose FluentU, but if you want to learn in a more structured way, then Busuu is the best for you. Busuu’s lessons are great for a language learner who wants to improve holistically.

For more app reviews, you can also read other blog posts related to this topic like Hinative VS Busuu and LingQ Vs. Busuu.

Alternative Learning Language App: Ling App

Do you think these two language learning apps cannot help you? Then you need to try this free version language application, the Ling App.

Ling app by Simya Solutions is a user-friendly and innovative learning language application that a beginner must-have. This is one of the best alternative language learning apps packed in teaching language skills such as vocabulary training, grammatical skills, parts of speech. It also offers 60+ different languages, including those from Asian countries.

Moreover, the app has interactive exercises like mini-games, quizzes, and other flashcard games. These teaching and learning styles methods may motivate the language learners to continue and achieve their target language. Want to learn a new language today? Download the Ling app now and start a new way of learning!

Ling is a game-like language learning app with a pack of 60+ languages. You will learn languages in fun ways!

Love podcasts or audiobooks? Learn on the go with our new app.

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