Filipino Tribal Tattoos: 13 Best Designs You Should Know

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Are you fond of scribbling? Not on paper, but on your body? Well if you are, then you will definitely fall in love with the Filipino culture. It’s full of amazing rituals with the most prominent one being the Filipino tribal tattoo ritual. In this article, you will learn about Filipino tattoos and their symbolic meaning in Filipino culture.

Don’t forget that getting immersed in a new culture is one of the biggest steps in learning a language.

So let’s get started!

Insights Into The Filipino Tribal Tattoo

Filipino tribal tattoos have gained popularity and are being accepted amongst the locals. This wasn’t always the case, especially when Catholics originally came over to spread the gospel. They found the Filipino tribal tattoo tradition repulsive and a sign of sin. Nowadays, it is not such a big issue and it’s quite popular to get a tattoo.

If you want to get a Filipino tribal tattoo in the Philippines it’s not as hard as you think and the tattoo design is quite simple. You can get them relatively cheap and prices may differ based on the different tattoo artists, tattoo inspiration, cultures, or ideas.

Some people also get swear words tattooed on their bodies, however, they are very few in number.

How Is The Art Of The Filipino Tribal Tattoo?

The essence of the Filipino tribal tattoo design and the Filipino way of tribal tattooing comes from Spanish influence during the 1500s.

The bold and traditional tattoos represent human ethics and the symbolism represents the style of bravery, courage, and strength.

During those times presented the facts about their heredity traditional tribal Philippines’ culture, and places they occupied which have marked a cultural significance and are a body art inspired by family, tribes, and symbols of heritage.

Here’s What Really Matters In Filipino Tribal Tattoo

Filipino tribal tattoos can reflect your desires and things you wish to achieve. Filipino tribal tattoos meaning is based on their previous ancestors’ culture and heritage. They showcase bravery, passion, personality, and goal-oriented skills which could be intertwined with yours. The tattoos are also supposed to bring positivity into your life.

How Is The Traditional Filipino Tattoo?

Many people fear that getting a tattoo will hurt a lot, but techniques and strategies have changed, so it doesn’t hurt as they used to before.

Traditionally, tattoos were created using the tapping method. Charcoal would be hammered into pieces using a thick spike from the lime bamboo tree. The bamboo roots would be used to squeeze the charcoal into the skin, although this is incredibly painful and it’s not for the weak-hearted.

Where To Get A Tribal Filipino Tattoo Design From?

You can find them online, in local tattoo shops, or in small marketplaces in the Philippines.

Thirteen Best Tribal Tattoo Designs And Their Beliefs

The best Filipino tribal tattoos of different designs, sizes, and shapes represent Philippine traditions, history, meaning, and the search for future outcomes.

The designs cover the integral parts of the body, namely the neck, shoulder, and arm.

1. Tribal Philippines Wolf Tattoo

It is very common to have animals as tattoos and the most common tattoo of an animal is of a wolf. The wolf Filipino tattoo design symbolizes loyalty and leadership within a pack. The chief of the tribe wears this tattoo and also the accompany of the group of elders wear them to symbolize the power and ability to lead.

The wolf shape design of tattoos also accompanies ferocity and the need to protect others in the same family as its way of Filipino tribal tattooing structure is extraordinary.

2. Philippines Traditional Tattoo

Many of the known traditional Filipino tattoos design is known as Burik; they are incorporated in a complex intricate tribal tattooing design that uses several layers and intricate patterns and designs utilized by using natural environments such as trees, rivers, and rocks.

3. Sun Tribal Tattoo

This Filipino design has been inspired by the west and contains straight lines and patterns of different styles. Moreover, the sun tattoo gained fame and popularity in the mid-90s and the tattoo design is still trending in this current generation.

4. Lion Tribal Tattoo

Lion tribal tattoos mainly symbolize leadership, courage, and pride. A meaningful design and patterns would summarize the best you to come, represent your ancestor’s legacy, and truly know yourself, creating the fearsome potential you have and the pride you were destined to have!

5. Turtle Tribal Tattoo

The turtle tribal tattoo represents symbols of patience and strength and is for those who have a decisive mind and can handle extreme conditions, and know how to solve upcoming problems. It symbolizes that turtles are slow and steady in the beginning but they are the winners at the finish line.

6. Hawaii Tribal Tattoo

The Filipino design with the most powerful symbols comprises patriotism and Filipino heritage. These designs are mostly put on the legs and will improve your social status amongst the Filipino community and the Filipino heritage background. It is a popular style and consists of black ink patterns.

7. Scorpion Tribal Tattoo

This Filipino design is for those who have been aggressively strong and utilized their anger and don’t like to be controlled by others, and are forced to do stuff that they don’t like. It is best for those whose zodiac sign matches this tattoo; these are for those born in October and November.

8. Shark Tribal Tattoo

A tattoo with a unique twist will represent the mystery of the sea, enduring any sort of pain, and gaining full independence. They don’t need anyone to help them pick themselves up. A unique design and one of its kind, if you match up to the apex predators then this tattoo is definitely for you.

9. Cross Tribal Tattoo

This tattoo is based on Christianity and is typically put on the shoulder.

10. Owl Tribal Tattoo

The wisdom owl is filled with mystery and extraordinary silence, for those who know everything within a community but are silent in every critical situation making them the most mysterious beings.

The vision of the owl represents its behavior towards different surroundings and when to act and when to react.

11. Eagle Tribal Tattoo

The eagle is the king of the bird of prey species and one of the most fearsome nature predators of the sky. The eagle tattoos are known for symbolizing freedom and flight.

The eagle Filipino tattoo also symbolizes an opportunist ready to commit to a chance of any work whenever given the time or setting a chance on any event.

12. The Tribal Bull Tattoo

The bull’s symbolic design is of aggressiveness and a strong body, along with a willingness to attack and counterattack no matter what problems or issues may continue to occur in the future. It represents the will to continue further no matter what.

13. The Tribal Snake Tattoo

The snake tattoo represents a cycle of rebirth and fertility. This Filipino tribal tattoo is far different from other tribal tattoos and it has a very deep and powerful meaning in cases of vengeance from those who hurt others and punishment for the wicked and cruel.

Would You Ever Get Those Tattoos?

That’s it for this blog. Congratulations on learning all the important parts of the traditional Filipino tattoo in the Philippines. Now you are ready to take on any discussion on the best tribal tattoos. If you want to learn Tagalog then looking up the Ling App is a great option. You can also check out Daily Life In The Philippines and Philippines Independence Day.

Happy learning!



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