Filipino Calendar: The Best List For 2021 Events!

The year 2021 promises a new set of experiences and perhaps you are thinking of visiting the Pearl of the Orient Seas. In this Filipino calendar post, you will get to learn the important Tagalog words associated with the days of the week and months in the country and discover about their holidays. Additionally, we will feature easy-to-follow sample sentences that you can use along with the vocabulary words we will be using today. If you are up for that, then let’s get started!

Whether you are planning to conduct a business holiday trip or venture into the unknown and stay in this tropical country for a week or few days, there is nothing wrong with learning the distinct (and celebrated) dates in the target country. You do not want to travel for miles only to learn that shops or offices are closed regularly on the , right? Additionally, we bet that you do not ever want to be stuck in traffic in Manila every !

You see, the Filipino calendar is not like your ordinary one as it used to have a whole range of distinct non-working holidays which are mainly because of the Catholic religion (of the majority) and historical basis. In fact, leaders of local municipalities can sign a special proclamation and simply add a new special date in relation to its founding anniversary. In this sense, you can spot announcements wherein classes and work are suspended for a particular state to allow the locals to commemorate its establishment. During this time, locals wear festive costumes, , and experience and participate in local social events

How To Say The Months And Days In Tagalog?

Before you select a date or find the best hotel to book at on your next visit, we do suggest that you expand your vocabulary in relation to this subject so that you converse like a pro with the locals. As we have stated time and time again, the country makes use of a depending on the place you will visit. However, what we will feature here are pure Tagalog words (for specific month and week) which you can be assured that the locals will understand.

The table below will help you whenever you want to express a particular month in the Tagalog language. We also included a few sample sentences that would definitely help in your conversations. It basically features the name of the 12 months of the year and memorizing these will ensure to prevent confusion whether you are trying to create your itinerary or booking a visit.

But of course, a calendar is not complete if you cannot specify with accuracy when exactly is the day of the week that you would like to visit, right? In the table below, we will feature the days of the week in Tagalog, its translation, and we will also add a sample statement using each. As a pro tip, we highly recommend that you take note of these and make it a point to use these words whenever you have the chance as practice is the key to fluency.

Planning to email your colleague or set a meeting with a Filipino friend online? Make sure to add these Tagalog words and see how you can instantly make locals smile ear to ear. If you enjoyed learning about these common vocabulary words, we highly suggest that you read on and continue learning through our exclusive compilation of , articles that feature, or download our most favorited tools like the and .

Important Calendar Dates For The Philippines

Technically, each of the dates under the local calendar of the country is not fixed and can be moved depending on critical circumstances. With this being said, the President issues a yearly Proclamation to finalize the specific special (holy) days of the country. However, there are instances wherein it is also revised especially during unforeseen typhoon conditions or the economy. During the pandemic, the Filipino calendar has massively changed with the hopes of boosting productivity. The best example of that is which states that November 2, December 24, and December 31 special working days.

As you can see, there are two types of holidays: working and non-working days. In this part of the post, we will make it easy for you to find and access the best days for your visit. As a tip, we highly recommend that you create a softcopy or print this page out so that you will have an easy search when you need one.

9 Regular Holidays In The Filipino Calendar

Special Non-Working Holidays List

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