Easy Guide On How To Count In Dutch From 0 To 100

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Learning how to count in Dutch, as with any other language you’re studying, is one of the first and most important things to learn. Getting to know the Dutch numbers will help you use money, shop, bargain, read the time, and communicate with Dutch people in the Netherlands.

In this lesson on counting in Dutch, you will discover all the basic numbers from 0 to 100 and simple fractions. We’ll include audio as well, so you’ll be able to hear and know how to pronounce numbers in Dutch.

Let’s get going and learn numbers in the Dutch language!

Dutch Counting Pronunciation Rules

In Dutch, the word for the indefinite article ‘a’ and the number ‘one’ is the same with similar pronunciation. To avoid confusion, Dutch people will often add accents to the word ‘één’ to indicate they mean a number and not the article ‘een.’

While visiting different regions in the Netherlands, you may notice slight variations in the pronunciation of numbers. Some regions, such as those who speak Flemish Dutch, may add extra syllables to numbers, so keep an ear out!

Generally, when saying numbers, the stress (or emphasis) will fall on the first syllable in numbers. To be certain of when to change stress, the Dutch use ë to indicate where the syllable changes.

Alright, time to get memorizing those Dutch numbers!

Count In Dutch Numbers 0–10

Count In Dutch Numbers 11–20

How To Read Numbers In Dutch After 20

In English, reading or saying numbers beyond 20 is tens value + units value.

So 21 is twenty-one.
In Dutch, you simply flip the order!

To count, read or say numbers in Dutch after 20, the order is:
units value + and + tens value

21 = een + en + twintig = eenentwintig

This literally translates to one and twenty.

36 = zes + en + dertig = zesendertig

This literally translates to six and thirty.

You’ll notice that no spaces are used in Dutch numbers. It is common until numbers reach 1,000s. Then you can start adding spaces.

Another thing to watch out for is when en gets accented and becomes ën. These double dots are added when the unit value ends in a vowel, such as 2 (twee) and 3 (drie). For example, 82 would be tweeëntachtig, and 63 would be drieënzestig.

It’s time to count in Dutch from 21-to 100! We’ve broken it down into groups of tens to make it easier.

Also, we’ve broken up the syllable to see ho

Count In Dutch Numbers 21–30

Count In Dutch Numbers 31–40

Count In Dutch Numbers 41–50

Count In Dutch Numbers 51–60

Count In Dutch Numbers 51–60

Count In Dutch Numbers 61–70

Count In Dutch Numbers 71–80

Count In Dutch Numbers 81–90

Count In Dutch Numbers 91–100

Dutch Numbers In Tens 10 -100

How To Say Or Count In Dutch Numbers Greater Than 100

Dutch numbers in the hundreds are quite easy to read, say or count. You have to add the hundred value at the start of the number. For example, 147 would be ‘honderdzevenenveertig’ which translates to hundred, seven, and forty.

Another example is 322, which would be ‘drie­honderd­twee­ën­twintig’ (three hundred, two, and twenty).

Complex numbers into the thousands and above are typically written with a space to help with clarity and readability. For instance, 4,821 is ‘vierduizendachthonderdenéénentwintig’ but may be presented as ‘vierduizend achthonderd en éénentwintig.’

Numbers below one thousand are typically written without a space as one word.

Also, as with numbers in English, years and numbers in the thousands that end with zeros’ in the hundred’s place may be pronounced in two ways. For example, 6,200 can be pronounced as tweeënzestighonderd (sixty-two hundred) or ‘zesduizend tweehonderd’ (six thousand two hundred).

Simple Fractions In Dutch

Just in case you need fractions at the supermarket or bakery:

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