Common Thai Phrases

So, you have made plans to visit Thailand and, in your excitement, you are looking to learn some common Thai phrases to help you get by once you arrive. Or perhaps, you have some Thai friends who you want to impress by speaking with them in their language.

Whatever the scenario, having the knowledge of some of the more common phrases will come in helpful. After all, they are ‘common’ and so by their very nature will be used often. If you are looking to catch up on some vocabulary, here are some common Thai phrases to get you started.

Greetings And Goodbyes In Thai

I would imagine that many people look forward to interacting with the local people when visiting Thailand. One of the great draws to traveling is meeting new people and experiencing their culture and way of life. Perhaps some of the most important common Thai phrases are used to do just this: meet, greet, and bid farewell to others.

There are several different options available to use when it comes to greetings in Thai. Like in English and many other languages, you can use different phrases based on the time of day. More uniquely in Thai, there is a system of politeness that will also impact which phrase you use. Likewise, there is the concept of the wai that can be used too for hellos and goodbyes.

Politeness And Understanding

Even just a little bit of politeness can go a long way. It is not just for good manners either. One of the best ways to show you have done your homework on the language of the culture of Thailand is by communicating with the appropriate level of politeness. Thai has a somewhat unique way of speaking based on who you are talking to. The polite words are also important too.

Understanding goes without saying. I would imagine that some of the most common Thai phrases spoken by visitors are those clarifying something. Thankfully, I have never found the language barrier to be too big of an issue. Taking the time to learn some of these phrases should be enough to come to some sort of understanding and be on your way.

Thai Numbers

Where would you be without knowing the basic numbers in Thai? These are the basis on which you can build your knowledge into areas such as dates, purchases, and more. They should be highly prioritized as they are so useful to know when staying in Thailand.

There is nothing too complicated when it comes to learning the Thai numbers. The system is quite intuitive and follows the same pattern as in English. It is mainly when you get to the much higher numbers that things become different. It is well worth the effort though as it opens a world of understanding when you are out shopping.

Ordering Food And Drinks

Thai food is world-renowned. As well as being surprisingly diverse, it is incredibly delicious. With plenty of salads and snacks to be had on the street side, you are never too far away from your next meal. There is also an abundance of fresh tropical fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, guava, and more.

When it comes to ordering Thai food and drinks, there are some phrases you should keep in mind. These will help you to customize your order, even if just a little bit, so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your food and beverages. Some of the things they eat in Thailand may seem weird to those of us from the West but try to keep an open mind and you may just find your new favorite Thai food.

Thai Travel Phrases

Anyone visiting Thailand would be missing out significantly if they don’t travel around the country. Therefore I think learning some Thai phrases related to travel and transport will come in handy. Thailand is by no means a small country, and so there are several different options available if you are looking to get around.

Traveling between the regions of Thailand will bring you face to face with different cultures within the country, and so it is well-advised that you do so. On top of the public transport options within the cities, there is also intercity travel to contend with. From bike to car to train to plane, there is always an option available for your schedule and budget.

Questions In Thai

Sometimes, you just need to ask a question or two to work something out. There is a lot to learn and discover about this amazing country and its people. All you need to do is form the right question. That is why I would consider these common Thai phrases for question important vocabulary to learn.

While questions in Thai work a bit differently than in English, it is easy to get the hang of. There are question words (like the word for who in Thai) that you will need to familiarize yourself with as they will help you get the answer you are looking for. Fun fact: question marks aren’t used traditionally in written Thai. Also, because Thai is a tonal language, you need to practice not changing your tone when asking a question like is commonly done with English. It only takes a bit of practice, I promise.

Learn More With Ling

These are just a few examples of the most common Thai phrases you will likely be using in the country. They will help you get by in most situations and make things go a hit more smoothly. However, there are other things you will need to contend with. The writing system of Thai and the different tones that are important to pronunciation will also you will need to consider.

One way you can get started learning all these is with the Ling Thai app. It is designed to walk you through the process of learning Thai through reading, writing, and speaking. It will also help bolster your vocabulary with useful Thai phrases, so start learning today.



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