Colors In Irish: A Painless Easy Guide For 2021

Interested to learn the naming conventions for the colors in Irish? Worry no more because we got your back as we will walk you through the most straightforward ways to name each color and integrate each word into different sentences. After all, this category can be deemed as one of the most basic ones, which is why mastering this early on can seriously upgrade your vocabulary. So, without further ado, let’s get it on!

If you have ever been to Ireland or are planning to visit the country, you must know that it is like a really cool place because you will meet the past and the present! It’s like a time machine…only this one actually exists, and instead of riding a machine, you simply have to book a ticket to visit. Unlike many other places, the Irish people pride themselves on their country’s ancient monuments (where some Game of Thrones shots were taken), jaw-dropping glorious landscapes and cityscapes, and picture-perfect natural wonders making it one of the perfect holiday destinations.

Additionally, the place does not just feature a buzzing city and country life but also sumptuous native delicacies that can only be found there! Ever heard of the famous Soda bread, Boxty, Barmbrack, or Coddle? Just thinking about all of those can seriously make anyone linger for traditional Irish food! And what better beverage to down after such a heavy meal than the traditional Irish alcohol! In fact, if you want to learn more about its people, you simply have to do a bar crawl, and you’d definitely unlock everything there is to know since Irish people are somewhat in a relationship with liquor.

While we can go for pages writing down everything there is to love about Ireland, let’s focus on the reason why you landed on this page. Perhaps you are really interested in leveling up your vocabulary words in the Irish language and want to be as descriptive as possible during conversations. After all, it is almost impossible to be clear when you can’t even name the color of your shirt, right? In today’s post, we will give you help you navigate this tricky situation by giving you the best list of translations for color-related words so that you can incorporate them with your usual interactions.

Colors In Irish

Can you literally imagine a world without colors? To put it simply, would you be comfortable living in a world of purely black and white hues? For most of us, such an instance will be depressing… just too gloomy for anyone’s taste as you cannot distinguish the difference between green, blue, black, or any other color. So, before we start, let’s focus first on a few words related to it. The word color can be directly translated to dath, or dathanna is plural. Below are some examples of how to use this single word appropriately:

Now that that is out of the way, let’s move on to the different ways on how you can translate the name of colors starting with the most basic ones:

But of course, there are still a number of different ways to say specific colors which is why the list below will cover more descriptive colors in the Irish language.

As you reach the end of this post, we hope that we could provide you with the best range of color-related words using Irish Gaelic. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to read more tips and tricks involving the use of the Irish language, like how to say I love you and the best transportation-related vocabulary. Also, feel free to share this post on social media or share with us your ideas about Irish in the comment section down below.

Want To Learn More About The Irish Gaelic?

Which among those is your favorite color in Irish? Is it “rua”, “glas” or “uaine”? If you have already forgotten what the translation is, always remember that you can also use English words since most Irish locals primarily use English in day-to-day conversations.

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