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Do you know that Tamil is the world’s eighteenth most spoken language? Knowing the basic words in Tamil opens the door to a large body of art in the Tamil language.

Tamil is a Dravidian language spoken primarily by the Tamil people of South Asia. In the four other South Indian states, Tamil is spoken by a minority population. Due to the popularity of Tamil, you should learn the basic words in Tamil. Also, speaking Tamil can assist you in business and vacation journeys.

In addition, communication with locals can lead to experiences that only people who speak the country’s local language can have. So, explore the language and learn the basic Tamil words on Ling App.

Status Of Tamil Language

As the official language of Singapore and Sri Lanka, Tamil has a worldwide status. After evolving from an old literary culture, the basic Tamil words have undergone significant phonological alterations and sound shifts.

Counting all the vowels and consonants, there are 31 words in the Tamil dialect. Also, Tamil is as adaptable as Sanskrit and Latin in terms of creating new words.

Some Basic Words In Tamil

If you only want to know what to say when speaking in Tamil, these basic phrases, expressions, and words will assist! For example, the word “today” has a Tamil translation as “இன்று” “Iṉṟu.” It is the most commonly used word in any language.

Take another example of the basic word “food” translated as “உணவு” “Uṇavu.” Like these, many other basic words in Tamil are important to learn. The majority of the words below have common usage in regular speech, so memorizing them may come in helpful.

Basic Greeting In Tamil

Can you say “Hello” in multiple languages?

Why not put in a bit of effort and learn a few more greetings? For example, you can modify how you greet people depending on the time of day!

Start your day with the phrase “Good morning” “காலை வணக்கம்” “Kālai vaṇakkam!” The Tamil phrase for “good night” “இனிய இரவு” “Iṉiya iravu” is comparable to “goodbye” “பிரியாவிடை” “Piriyāviṭai” in English. So only say this one before going to bed. Learn more basic words in Tamil from below.

Basic Words In Tamil For Travelers

Tamil is a rich language. If you travel to any other South Indian city where Tamil is not an official language, you can talk in Tamil. It is because most people are familiar with spoken Tamil.

Do you need to learn and speak Tamil for travel purposes? You can start by learning the basic words that have wide usage worldwide. Also, consider learning some common phrases. For example, learn the phrase “Where is the restaurant?” s “உணவகங்கள் எங்கே?” “Uṇavakaṅkaḷ eṅkē?”

It is important to learn the above phrase when you are in another country. You will need to visit restaurants and often ask about the location from the locals. So, the first thing is to study those phrases that you believe can make your traveling easy and worthwhile. Below are some of the other traveling phrases that every traveler must learn.

Basic Tamil Words For Family

Family is important to Indians, regardless of their first language. Ask about their family if you want to have a long conversation with someone from Tamil Nadu.

Now is the moment to skip the formal conversation and start making contact with locals in Tamil. Take some interest in learning and beat the table with your speaking skills.

Basic Tamil Words And phrases For Daily Use

If you want to interact with more people, learn the basic everyday words. Firstly, learn to say Yes and No in Tamil. These words will help you a lot if you do not speak Tamil well. So, learn to say “No” in Tamil, which means “இல்லை” “Illa.” Other everyday words and their Tamil meanings are below.

Learn The Tamil Language With Ling!

Learning a new language using language learning tools is a useful step. Ling App is a language learning tool that exhibits unique features.

The Ling app provides effective remote learning and frees you from the traditional classroom system. It has game modes that make learning easy and quick.

You can learn Tamil and many other languages from Ling free of cost. People who speak English can learn Tamil by conversing with the instructors on Ling App. This is the second entry in our new Tamil blog, so why not check out the first, No Tamil on Rosetta Stone?

Instructors and chatbots offer practical sessions to help you learn Tamil expressions and basic words. You can also get the answers to questions from the instructors. Further, stay tuned for more upcoming Tamil lessons. Till then, download Ling — Learn Tamil to learn to speak the most common phrases in the Tamil language for every situation.




Ling is a game-like language learning app with a pack of 60+ languages. You will learn languages in fun ways!

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Ling Learn Languages

Ling is a game-like language learning app with a pack of 60+ languages. You will learn languages in fun ways!

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