Armenian Family-Related Vocab: 9+ Captivating Words

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Are you interested in knowing about the most common Armenian family-related vocab? In every culture in the world, family is the most important thing, so learning these words and phrases could be vital for you in the long run.

Families In Armenia

Armenia is a democratic, landlocked country located in Western Asia. It is commonly known for its cultural heritage and hospitable traditions. If we talk about the family aspect in Armenia, the people are warm and caring about their family members. They are famous for their kind nature and respect for adults.

The Family System In Armenia

Armenian people have mainly a joint family system. They have multi-generational members, including grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunts living together. Family is an essential element to Armenians, and they say children are the light of their home.

Children grow up close to their grandparents, who teach them about the importance of their culture. Kids have friendly relations with sisters, brothers, and cousins.

Gender Roles In The Family

Armenians have cultural values and traditions according to which women and men are supposed to perform their duties and responsibilities with great devotion. Women are expected to create a healthy family, and men have to run the family economically.

Women and men work shoulder to shoulder. In modern offices, women are also offered jobs.

Gender Equality In Armenian Families

In the Armenian language, women- “Kanak” are highly respected. As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. There are specific laws regarding gender equality and equal rights for men and women, which lay the base of their legal system.

In Armenia, women and men enjoy equal rights in every aspect of life. There are strict rules against child labor, harassment, racism, and other domestic crimes.

Marital System In Armenia

Armenian families have mainly mixed cultures regarding the marital system. Most eastern Armenian families support arranged marriages. Parents mainly introduce their children to their partners. On the other hand, there are love marriages too.

Legislation System In Armenia

Armenian families have a pretty good legal system regarding family laws and legislation. All the family laws are passed out by the National Assembly and approved by the president.

They have specific rules for legislation in the family, and every family member is provided with equal rights, and the citizens humbly follow them.

Family-Related Vocabulary In Armenian

Here is a list of all the words that tend to be helpful in everyday conversation in Armenia. If you want to become a part of an Armenian family, then you must know about these words:

Extended Family Members In Armenian Vocabulary

Other Family-Related Vocabulary In Armenian

Asking Questions

Here are some of the most amazing questions to ask someone in Armenia if you want to know more about their family.

Useful Sentences

Let’s also look at some useful sentences for talking about the family in Armenian.

Learning The Armenian Language

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