An Easy List Of 450+ Common Slovenian Verbs

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Are you interested in learning more about the most common Slovenian verbs? Learning Slovene verbs is a very important part of Slovene grammar which is why we will walk you through all the basic terms that you can use now. If you are ready for that, let’s get started!

Slovenian is a Slavic language in which there are different grammatical categories. The conjugation of each verb depends upon the nature of words/slang words i.e Slovene nouns, pronouns, or adjectives. It is important to learn the Slovene verbs to learn common phrases. Both perfective verbs and imperfective verbs are conjugated based on the suffixes/endings. Feminine and masculine nouns often share similar endings.

Common Slovenian Verbs

Let’s learn the basic Slovenian vocabulary for action words:

Verb Conjugation

Verbs in Slovenian conjugate both on the basis of tenses and gender. There are different ways to conjugate but generally present, past and future tense are the most common conjugations.

  • The regular form of the verb is the present tense.
  • To make the future tense in Slovenian is by using the present form of the verb to be + the participle of the verb.
  • To make the future tense in Slovenian is by using the future form of the verb to be + the participle.

Ready to speak Slovenian like a real pro? Learn about the basic Slovenian sentence structures next.

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