80 Useful Words About Khmer Days and Months

When you are lost to the beauty of Cambodia, you may lose track of days (ថ្ងៃ / thngai) and months (ខែ khe). So, to keep track, try to learn the Khmer days and months. Khmer Calendar might be different from where you came from. Cambodians use two types of calendars. The first one is the international calendar they use for civil purposes, and the other one is the traditional calendar they use for religious purposes. If you are given an opportunity to experience some of their important occasions in a year, you are surely lucky and honored.

When you decide to travel, one of the very first and ordinary things that you consider is the date of travel. If you plan to go to Cambodia this 2021, it is better to check the Khmer Calendar. You can learn every month. It would be best if you also backed yourself up with some words related to Khmer days and months.

Khmer / Cambodian Calendar

The traditional Khmer Calendar, which is called “Chhankitek,” means lunar calendar. Interestingly, even though Chhankitek means lunar calendar, the traditional Khmer calendar is lunisolar. It is similar to the one used by Hindu and Chinese.

Days Of The Week

Khmer Days and Months | ថ្ងៃ thngai

Want to know an interesting fact about the Cambodian way of counting days? Khmer’s way of counting days is that it also the same as the Gregorian calendar. But, that is a long discussion that needs to be learned thoroughly. For now, learn these Khmer words related to the days of the week.

Months Of The Year

Khmer Days and Months | ខែ khe

Khmer calendar follows the 12-month scheme like the Gregorian Calendar. There may be many similarities, but the key difference is that Cambodians use the Buddhist Era as their demarcation line for years. They do not use the Common Era. It is not that surprising because we know that Cambodians are Buddhists. They also have solar and lunar months, but we don’t need to focus on that now. What’s important is that you learn these words and phrases related to the months of the year.


Khmer Days and Months | រដូវ rdauv

The country of Cambodia has only two seasons, unlike other countries — Hot Season and Rainy Season. But, since you are learning about Khmer days and months, here are some words that you may find helpful.


Khmer Days and Months | ពេលវេលា pelvelea

Cambodia observes Indochina Time all year. It is important to learn words related to time because if you are traveling to their country, there are many situations that you might use vocabulary about time, as your flight schedule and itineraries. So here are some words that you may want to learn.

Times Of The Day

Khmer Days and Months | ពេលព្រឹក pel preuk

Because you are learning about Khmer days and months, you also need to learn the times of the day. This is very helpful, especially when you want to say your greetings to others.

Make Your Time, Days, And Months Worth It!

If you have learned Khmer days and months and enjoyed learning, it is a sign that your time was well-spent. The words you have learned will not just widen your Khmer vocabulary. You can also use it when you go to Cambodia and face a situation that requires your knowledge about time, days, and months. You can read more blog posts like this posted on Ling’s website. There are several blog posts that you can read, such as Hello in Khmer & Other Greetings, A New Beginning: Khmer New Year, and 10 Khmer Food That Will Satisfy Your Cravings. All these blog posts will make your days meaningful.

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