8 Remarkable Ways To Say Thank You In Finnish

If you are learning Finnish, knowing how to show your gratitude is as important as knowing how to say hello in Finnish. This article will look at practical and basic formal and informal ways to know how to say thank you in Finnish.

Finnish Language: What Is It?

Before moving on, do you know who speaks the Finnish language? Finnish is a Uralic language of the Finnish branch spoken by a majority of the Finnish population. Also, the ethnic Finns that live outside Finland speak the Finnish language. Moreover, Finnish is considered to be among the most challenging languages to speak. But, with a dedicated effort, you can learn how to say thank you in Finnish along with other informal terms.

Although you can speak English words on your visit to Finland as well, it would be polite of you to keep the conversation in Finnish. So, saying thank you in Finnish is one of the important phrases to learn!

Learn To Say Thank You In Finnish

Now that we have an essential history of the language, let’s proceed to see some useful expressions that locals use in Finnish greetings to say thank you in Finnish along with the English translations:

Learn To Say Thank You In Finnish


English: Thank You

If you want to pay your gratitude to someone from Finland, you need to learn a straightforward and simple word to say thank you in Finnish. So, say thank you in Finnish to someone by saying “Kittos” which translates to thank you.

Kiitos paljon

English: Thank You Very Much

If you want to make your gratitude in Finnish that sounds deeper, try saying thank you very much. So, if you want to say thank someone you very much, say Kiitos paljon. This expression is usually followed by the preposition “for,” such as thank you very much for the feedback and comments.

Olen oppinut paljon, kittos

English: I Learned A Lot, Thank You

This one, particularly, does vary a bit from the rest of the thank you phrases in this article. This maxim pushes your appreciation and thankfulness for someone at the top. “Olen oppinut paljon, kiitos” means that I learned a lot, thank you. Yes, a much-needed phrase to add to your vocabulary. Use this watchword with your colleagues, friends, teachers, or any other person you are indebted to because due to their guidance and help, you are a more knowing person now!

Kiitos harkinnastasi

English: Thank you for your consideration

A job proposal is probably the most formal piece of writing that you would ever proceed with. To say thank you very much for your consideration, you say “kiitos harkinnastasi.” Use this phrase when you have to thank someone formally.

Minulle kuuluu hyvä kiitos

English: I am fine, thank you

If anyone asks you how you are and is afraid of what to say in Finnish, this phrase is your answer. You can say “minulle kuuluu hyvä kiitos” which translates to I am fine, thank you.

Kiitos luottamuksesta minuun

English: Thank You For Trusting Me

If any Finnish friend or colleague has invited you to talk about something important or has trusted you with a secret, you can use these words to thank them and show your gratitude. Say kiitos luottamuksesta minuun when you want to say thank you for trusting me in Finnish.

Kiitos kun tulit

English: Thank You For Coming

This expression politely expresses gratitude. You can speak this phrase to note an answer to something given or done to you; thank you for inviting me. It also fits fine when you say “kiitos kun tulit,” which translates to thank you for coming.

Kiitos kauniista sanoistasi

English: Thank You For Your Kind Words

If someone from Finland has complimented you and wants to say something kind in return, this phrase will help you. You can speak Finnish and say “Kiitos kauniista sanoistasi.” This phrase translates to thank you for your kind words!

Other Finnish Phrases Besides Thank You In Finnish

Other Finnish Phrases Besides Thank You In Finnish

Apart from the terms (thank you in Finnish) and expressions stated above, we will now enlist a few important Finnish phrases as an example that you need to speak now and then. Go through this table of contents to know all the essential words on one site to save your time and money.

Interested To Learn More About The Finnish Language?

Congratulations! You have learned to say thank you in Finnish. Besides that, some other catchwords and expressions as well. Continue learning if you have dreamed of speaking this language and exploring the history and culture of Finland. Ling App by Simya Solutions offers many musts to its users; you can get resources for your language free of cost. You can learn grammar, alphabets, vocabulary, spellings, words, pronunciation, common sentences, and a lot more for free. It is an amazing opportunity; do not waste it.

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