71+ Best Business Vocabulary In Punjabi

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If you have a business concern about knowing the Punjabi language then that’s justified, especially if you’re working in Pakistan. To participate in any sort of commercial enterprise/commercial activity, having the know-how of basic Punjabi words can do wonders. In this article, you will learn about business vocabulary in Punjabi which will take you a long way. So let’s get started!

Business In Punjab

The most important element is the location where you’re going to start your business. One should be familiar with the dialect, environment, and culture of that area. Similarly having a business in Punjab relates to your acknowledged information regarding Punjabi.

In business, you have to deal with clients, employees, and teams, so you should be aware of their language. Speaking the mother tongue of your teammates will be greatly appreciated.

Starting A Bakery

In Punjab, establishing a bakery business at both wholesale and a small levels can help one in making good money. By embracing these businesses one can make his living better and trouble-free.

Nature Of Businesses

Many businesses in Punjab are free of cost and do not require any kind of investment and can be taken on easily as a start-up. You can work easily by utilizing your skills and services. For all this stuff of managing business or firms, you have to acquire knowledge of Punjabi dialect for the aim of untroubled links with domestic people of that area.

Automobiles In Punjab

Living in Punjab for the purpose of your business dreams is such a cool idea and among all such businesses, the automobile profession is the number 1 work line in the area. This field mainly includes the construction and assembling of vehicles and providing services for their repair.

High Demand Businesses

  • Agriculture Industry.
  • Banking Industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Engineering Industry.
  • IT-Services Industry.
  • Real-Estate Industry.
  • Retail & Wholesale Industry.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Tourism Industry.
  • Transportation Industry.

Why Learn This Widely Spoken Language For Business?

As far as business in Punjab is concerned, proficiency in the Punjabi language is mandatory. But why is there a need for it when there are several other languages spoken in India?

This concept could be made clear with an example. For instance, there is a man in Punjab who can’t speak Punjabi but has a master’s in English. He set up his automobile business in Punjab. He is enriched with all the needs and luxuries someone would wish for to make his business a successful one.

He has a large number of active clients speaking good Punjabi. But the boss himself can’t speak Punjabi. As a result, he can’t tell his clients the ideas and points in his mind. So, a successful business lies upon good communication skills.

Communication is the main ingredient in the business world. In comparison with the first person, there is another person in the respective city with the same business and the same clients. But the second person can speak Punjabi pretty well.

So as he can speak the local dialect of the city, there is no difficulty for him to make himself clear with his clients.

Business Vocabulary In Punjabi

Words Starting With A-B

Words Starting With C-D

Words Starting With E-F

Words Starting With G-I

Words Starting With J-N

Words Starting With O-R

Words Starting With S-Y

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