70+ Best Must-Know Khmer Business Vocabulary

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You must have already memorized some essential words in the Khmer language for your business trip. Expressions and words like good morning, hello, goodbye, etc. are important words you cannot miss. Especially when it concerns business, formal phrases and vocabulary can become a great asset in the line of success.

However, to speak Khmer fluently and impress your potential partners, only greetings would not be enough. Other English translations like អ្នកជំនួញ (Businessman), សហគ្រិន (Entrepreneur), etc., be helpful too. It will enable you to talk business deals in the native language and remove language barriers. Thus, this blog has prepared fresh content on Khmer business vocabulary and common phrases you can use to communicate with Cambodian people. Want to learn more? Continue reading and learn Khmer in detail.

Khmer Business Vocabulary: 8 Essential Words You Need

Cambodia has always been dominant in business sectors concerning textiles and tourism in the Asian continent. They have been among the largest contributing sectors to its economic growth and are still increasing rapidly. However, talking about its business culture, the rules tend to be tilted toward more conservative ways. People dress formally and conduct themselves professionally. More importantly, punctuality is given importance. If you come from a very flexible workspace, shifting to Cambodian customers and business environment might challenge you.

As we talk about the regulations, language is another crucial factor. Although English is widely adopted in capital cities, the prevalent business language is still essentially the Khmer language. Thus, the spoken practice of the native language will become necessary for you when it comes to communication and bonding. It is not only a way to respect the cultural setting of the country, but it will also help you in different situations with diverse people.

So, below we will learn a few words related to business that you must know in detail with pronunciation. Later, we will utilize more specific terms to improve your vocabulary.

1. Business — អាជីវកម្ម

អាជីវកម្, pronounced as achivokam, is the word for business in the Khmer language. You can also use ហនិច្ជកម្ផ, which says h ni chch k m, as an alternative. This word is synonymous with commerce, trade, or finance in this language.

2. Businessman — អ្នកជំនួញ

What will you call yourself in Cambodia? It is អ្នកជំនួញ, which says businessman in the local style. Anakchomnuonh is the pronunciation for this word, and it is a must-know word that will help your form phrases and interact easily. For the word businesswoman in the Khmer dictionary, you can say ស្រ្ដី​អ្នកជំនួញ (srdi​ anakchomnuonh).

3. Entrepreneur — សហគ្រិន

Pronounced as sahakrin, សហគ្រិន is the next significant word you need to know. You will hear the word សហគ្រិន, meaning entrepreneur, naturally in the business sector. So, before you try to make your profit through finance, you must undoubtedly use this opportunity of learning native words like this one to impress the locals.

4. Enterprise — សហគ្រាស

How can we miss សហគ្រាស after learning the word entrepreneur in the Cambodian language? Pronounced as sahakreas, the enterprise is another business word that will help make phrases easier. This is a general term that can be used in various interactions.

5. Retail — លក់​រាយ

The next word is លក់​រាយ, which says lk​ reay. Cambodia is one of the fastest-growing and most sustainable retail markets, so knowing this word can help you communicate with locals.

6. Employment — ការងារ

When it comes to business, knowing the word ការងារ (karngear) is important. Whether a local or international business workplace, karngear is one thing one cannot ignore. In recent times, the statics have recorded that the distribution of employment among Cambodians has increased. Especially in terms of the labor force participation rate, Cambodia amounts the highest in the Pacific region. Most employed people in the country are around 16–64. So, topics of buying trade preferences and reaching employment level will keep you entirely busy during your journey.

7. Market — ទីផ្សារ

Another common term that you will keep hearing during your services is ទីផ្សារ, pronounced as tiphsaear. Although lost in the beauty of the mountains, Cambodians are far more advanced at creating market deals than other countries. As already mentioned, the country is rapidly growing economically, and the enhancement of the market system has been one of the main reasons. If you are interested in the Khmer Market, you will find many opportunities from potential business partners.

8. Customer- អតិថិជន

Lastly, the most vital part of a successful business is the price one pays to keep the customers happy. Known as atethechon, customer service in Cambodia has always been under strict scrutiny. A company can only be successful if it satisfies its customers, and Khmer people have taken that to the next level by adding notions such as “full refund on a return, if not satisfied.” In fact, many customer service jobs have also opened throughout the years, allowing an increase in employment and betterment in the service sector.

Business Vocabulary In The Khmer Language

This section will go through all the words related to the business environment. From corporate to merchant, you will encounter every word that will help you form sentences in the future. So, let’s not waste more time and start immediately!





Regular Business Phrases To Practice

Over To You!

Could you relate to any of the words described above? Every word will help you associate with your business partners and interact effortlessly with proper native phrases. As we learned, Cambodians are strict with their language. Therefore, such a skill will clear deals and allow your partner to build trust and hope in you.

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