7 Easy Ways To Say Beautiful In Urdu

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According to Confucius,

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

You’ll need an eye to notice the beauty around you as “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.” When we love someone, we find everything beautiful about them.

Although the word “beautiful” is only a single word, it has the potential to make someone feel excellent about the entire universe.

If you’ve made a Pakistani friend or sweetheart, you’ll need all the Urdu words to tell them how beautiful they are. Use Urdu words like “khoobsoorat” and “haseen” to say to them they’re beautiful.

Are you eager to go above and beyond to impress them and appreciate their lovely presence in your life? If so, stay tuned till the end of this article to be ready to discover the 7 easy ways to say beautiful in Urdu and their meanings and translation.

About The Urdu Language

You would be glad to know that Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and is spoken by many South Asians. Urdu is considered an Indo-Aryan language which has also got some similarities with the Arabic language.

Almost 70 million people worldwide consider Urdu as their mother tongue and use it as their first language. In addition, it is a secondary language of 100 million people.

Another interesting fact about this language is that Urdu is a romantic language that helps you communicate love toward your partner. If you want to be romantic, use Urdu poetry to entice your lover with beautiful Urdu written poems.

About Pakistanis

Pakistanis are welcoming people who embrace visitors to their country with open arms. Whether you’re a tourist, a guest, or a visitor, Pakistan is always a welcoming destination.

Besides, they are family-oriented people who cherish their culture and traditions. Typically, you will find large families who live happily together, sharing their joys and sorrows.

Another charm of this country lies in its rich culture, delectable cuisine, and people who are the world’s fourth smartest.

So, if you appreciate Pakistanis, let them know that you do by using the 7 easy ways to say beautiful in Urdu that you will learn in today’s post. It will make their day!

Why Is It Essential To Appreciate Beauty?

Have you ever wondered why it is essential to appreciate the beauty around you? People crave beauty no matter where they travel or who they meet.

Be it the people they belong to, the things they are affiliated with, the areas where they reside, the natural world, or everything we are surrounded by.

Studies suggest that people feel more motivated when they are appreciated.

Ask yourself a question, do we appreciate beauty? I hope you have got your answer!

So let’s develop a habit of enjoying the beauty around us. In that case, these 7 easy ways to say beautiful in Urdu will come in handy to help you convey your thoughts easily about everything.

Why Is It Essential To Compliment Someone?

Are you perplexed as to why it is so vital to compliment someone?
Let me tell you that when we appreciate the beauty around us, we experience positive emotions and have a stronger connection to the world.

Suppose, for example, a friend has an impressive trait or habit, or there is a place you enjoyed exploring. In that case, you need enough vocabulary to express your thoughts about it. When you have an incredible feeling about something, you can give a compliment to the person or the situation.

Use the 7 easy ways to say beautiful in Urdu to convey admiration, compliments, and any other strong feeling towards something you liked. It will help people around you feel good about themselves.

How Do You Say Beautiful In Pakistan?

The word “beautiful” may describe everything, whether it’s a thing, a place, or a person. However, if we want to talk about the beauty of a man, we can use the term “Jamil, “ which means handsome.

“Khoobsoorat” is the word for “beautiful” in Urdu. However, there are more Urdu expressions that you can use.

7 Easy Ways To Say Beautiful In Urdu

During my journey to Pakistan, I came across several beautiful people and attractive destinations. I made an effort to admire and acknowledge them for their lovely smiles and beautiful conversations since I am a great admirer of beauty.

I knew that when we express our admiration for someone in their mother tongue, the words have a more significant impact on them and reach deeper into their hearts.

Other Ways To Compliment People

We’ve put together a list to show you how to use beautiful phrases to help you develop new ways to compliment someone. Talk freely to the people and praise them genuinely to enjoy ta conversation.

Let’s check a few sentences. You can even use them to send written messages or love letters.

Urdu Love Words And Phrases

Are you a man who has fallen in love with a gorgeous Pakistani woman? You will need Urdu love words and phrases. Believe me! Love makes you feel complete.

Women worldwide will love you more if you recognize their beauty with love words and phrases.

And suppose you are a female who has fallen in love with a Pakistani man. In that case, you should dedicate yourself to learning these 12 Urdu love words and phrases, as we should never be late to express love and our feelings to our partners.

They deserve all the love in the world that we have in our hearts for them. These Urdu love words and phrases will help you increase your love for the rest of your life.

List Of 12 Urdu Love Phrases

I’m sure you feel much more confident expressing your admiration for beauty in Urdu. Now you can use words like “khoobsoorat” and “haseen”! Learning this romantic language will allow you to express your affection for your lover.

Learn Urdu With The Ling App

I asked my Pakistani pals to teach me the Urdu common words for telling native people how lovely they are to me. They made me aware of an excellent app that changed my life. And now, I will share it with you!

You won’t believe me, but I am saying it from my experience. This remarkable language learning app called “Ling” proved to be so helpful in making me learn 7 easy ways to say beautiful in Urdu and some most common words to practice powerful lessons in the Urdu language.

If you wish to learn the Urdu language, take 10 minutes each day out of your hectic schedule to master Urdu lessons with Ling App. Ling contains many fun features that will help you master any language efficiently. So are you ready to speak Urdu with confidence?

With Ling, you will understand all the sentences and learn by practice without using a dictionary or help from a tutor. This app is self-sufficient to provide you with the best learning experience.

Isn’t it exciting? So if you wish to speak Urdu words to share your thoughts or learn the language, get a hold of this life-changing application.

Have A Wonderful Learning Experience!

This Ling App has several intriguing aspects that make you feel like you’re playing a game.

Its excellent feature allows you to rapidly track your progress through several stages and watch yourself reaching the level of learning languages you’ve always desired!

You would love it! Take out 10 minutes from your busy schedule every day and practice learning Urdu lessons using Ling App. It will assist you literally in comprehending and speaking the Urdu language in no time.




Ling is a game-like language learning app with a pack of 60+ languages. You will learn languages in fun ways!

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Ling is a game-like language learning app with a pack of 60+ languages. You will learn languages in fun ways!

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