60+ Unique And Wonderful Names In Romanian

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It is no doubt that Romania is a beautiful country with one of the most beautiful romantic languages in the world. The Romanian names, however, are filled with lots of meaning, historical influence, and nice intonation, making the names unique and desirable.

So, whether you have a Romanian heritage, are looking for Romanian baby names, or are just a language learner interested in knowing some traditional Romanian names, you are in the right place.

We will go through over 60 unique and wonderful names in Romanian that will get you admiring their meaning, and maybe you will find one that will be a perfect fit.

Alright.. time to stop talking. Let’s get into these beautiful names.

A Quick History Of Romanian Names

In Eastern Europe, Romania has one of the most beautiful names, and its history makes them more unique.

Due to different religious and historical influences, Romanian names have seen drastic modifications and influences over the past centuries. For example, it isn’t a new thing to see Romanians bearing Christian names in their Romanian word or seeing names influenced or derived from Slavic origin, greek origins, and Russian roots.

However, there are still unique and wonderful Romanian names inspired by Romanian culture.

Beautiful Romanian Names

Here are some male and female Romanian names. Enjoy!

Boy Romanian Names

Girl Romanian Names

The Most Common Names in Romanian

It may be surprising, but the most famous name in Romanian is Maria, with over 1.38 million Romanian females having Maria as one of their names. Another popular name is Ion or Ioana, which means God is Gracious, and 1.37million people bear that name. Yes, I know… It is mindblowing! Due to the early influence of the orthodox church and Latin origin on Romania, The Romanian name Maria gained much popularity.

Other popular names in Romanian are;

Male: Daniel, Florin, Chrisitan, Adrian, Ionuţ, Gabriel, Alexandrus, etc.

Female: Maira, Ioana, Sofia, Anotonia, Gabriela, Alexandara, Elena etc.

Common Romanian Surnames

I can’t close this chapter without mentioning some come Romanian surnames. Like other European countries, Romania uses the paternal last name as a child’s surname.

However, one unique thing about Romanian surnames is that most of them are derivative forms gotten by adding suffixes like escu, -ăscu, -eanu, -anu, and an to the father’s name or village. Not to worry, I will explain in detail.

If escu or ăscu is added to the father’s name, let’s say Constantine, it will automatically become Constantinescu, which means Constantine’s child. Therefore, if you see surnames ending in escu or ascu, it means the father or grandfather was bearing that name.

Also, eanu and anu are added to the name of a river, village, or territory to form surnames in the 19th century. So, it is not uncommon to see surnames ending in these suffixes, like Mureșanu.

In modern Romanian, surnames have evolved, and people are bearing different surnames, not necessarily ending in the eanu or anu suffixes.

You Made It To The End!

You’ve learned over 60 beautiful and unique Romanian names, and I hope you were able to get the perfect baby names for your child or know more Romanian names. Now that you’ve known these names, what next?

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