60 Cantonese Travel Phrases Travelers Should Learn

It is easy to get lost in breathtaking tourist spots and mouth-watering dim sums of Hong Kong but a trip without making connections with the people cannot be called a real adventure. To do that, you must at least learn some Cantonese travel phrases that you can use traveling across the country. Being able to make a connection with the locals will not just make your whole trip a lot easier but you are also opening yourself to experience their culture and traditions that have been passed on to generations.

Cantonese In Hong Kong, Macau, And Guangdong Province In China

Hong Kong and Macau are Chinese countries but don’t be surprised that the official language is spoken all over these countries and Guangdong Province in China is not Mandarin but Cantonese. Cantonese is one of the Chinese dialects. The differences between Cantonese and Mandarin will be drawn from their history. Although most of the population of these countries speak Cantonese, locals also know how to speak English. You might see this as an advantage but learning a few Cantonese travel phrases will not cost you too much and it will also serve as a sign of respect as a foreigner to their land.

Useful Cantonese Phrases

When you travel across Asia, it is impossible not to put Hong Kong on your list. Who would not fall in love with the beautiful tourist spots where everyone, even children can enjoy? Who would not love to splurge into a shopping spree in different shopping centers? Who would not crave their local mouth-watering Cantonese food? But how can you enjoy these things if you do not know how to communicate with people?

Hong Kong has a lot more to offer than beautiful tourist spots, delicious dim sums, and shopping centers. Hong Kong has its own gem that nobody can take — the locals. Being able to communicate with people who are proud of their culture and traditions will bring you a deeper understanding of their history, customs, and ideals. If you are wondering where to start with, here are some Cantonese travel phrases that you need to know:


If you are a traveler, you know the importance of knowing how to go around the country through different transportation like taxis, buses, and trains. As a foreigner, especially if it is your first time, you also want to make sure that you are comfortable in where you are staying and spending the night. Check out these useful Cantonese phrases that may come in handy when traveling to Hong Kong.

Cantonese Travel Phrases — Traveling

Asking And Giving Directions

The risk of literally getting lost while traveling is very daunting. If you know the address of your destination, it is easy to ask but if not, you should know at least the common words that are used when asking and giving directions. Here are basic Cantonese phrases and sentences that you may use when asking or giving directions.

Cantonese Travel Phrases — Asking and Giving Directions

Greetings And Basic Expressions

Learning how to greet in Cantonese will be a good ice breaker. Saying Hello and other greetings like Good morning (早晨 / jóusàhn) in Cantonese are a very effective conversation starter. Cambodians are also known to be respectful and humble. Basic expressions can help you express your respect and politeness as a foreigner to their land. Here are some words and phrases that will be essential to your whole trip.

Cantonese Travel Phrases — Greetings and Expressions

If you want to know more about Cantonese greetings there is a separate blog for you. You may check it out to understand more about the different greetings.


Traveling to Hong Kong is not complete without tasting Cantonese food. From the famous restaurants down to street food, you will surely find dishes that will satisfy your cravings. To complete your Cantonese cuisine experience, it would not hurt to learn some Cantonese words or phrases that can be used when eating out and ordering food.

Cantonese Travel Phrases — Dining


Buying souvenirs has been part of a whole travel experience. Bringing home something to remind you about the amazing country you have been through is common to a lot of travelers. From the luxurious shopping centers down to markets and souvenir shops, Hong Kong has a lot to offer. Try learning these words and phrases if you want to haggle and score a discount on expensive finds.

Cantonese Travel Phrases — Shopping


Accidents and emergencies may happen anywhere at any time. If this happens, you should know whom to call for help. It is better to be ready for any kind of accidents and problems that you might be facing. Although locals know how to speak in English, it is better to know some useful phrases to gel you get past some sort of problems.

Cantonese Travel Phrases — Emergency

Other Useful Cantonese Travel Phrases

With the words above, I am sure that you have much more understanding and knowledge about Cantonese travel phrases. Here are some additional sentences that you can say that will help you survive your whole travel experience.

Other Useful Cantonese Travel Phrases

Know More About The Cantonese Language

Learning Cantonese is not that simple at first. You have to take note of many things like tones and pronunciation because the meaning of the words may vary depending on the pronunciation. So if you want to travel to Hong Kong, make sure to take note of the basic Cantonese words and phrases above.

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