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If you are interested to learn about Croatian names and how they came about, then this article by the Ling App is perfect for you! From unusual and exotic names to traditional names, down to the Croatian form of some foreign names, continue reading to learn more!

The Croatian Culture

Besides Game of Thrones, Croatia is known for numerous reasons. May it be culture, arts, and even the people, Croatia has already established a good reputation. This is not only limited to Europe but throughout the world as well.

You might ask, “What is so special about this country?” Besides its culture which is filled with so many stories and experiences to tell, Croatia is very diverse. In fact, this diversity spreads across the region and is even celebrated.

Croatia is more than just a hotspot of charming places and good food. It is also a special place because of its people as well. You will surely fall in love with its people, not just the country, since Croatians are known to be kind, friendly, hospitable, and will always have a smile on their faces. What more can you ask for, right?

A beautiful scenic country coupled with kind-hearted and warm people is the perfect combination. So if you are looking for such please here on Earth that is also filled with so much history, Croatia is the way to go!

Croatian Name System

May it be originated from a Croatian word or influenced by a Slavic word, Croatian names are very interesting. Some might say that this country has a fair share of unusual names, but as soon as you look into it, it becomes beautiful and meaningful.

In Croatia’s name system, some names actually have Slavic elements. This is because Croatia is a part of the Slavic language branch. Therefore, it is expected that some words and even names of this language are heavily influenced by it.

The way they structure their names is the same as the Eastern Name Order. Basically, their surnames come up first and then the given name. Another fact about their naming system is that most of their last names end up with the suffix ‘-ić.’ It is also a practice in their culture that women take up the last name of their husbands. This is also applicable to their future child. However, in some occurrences, the woman can keep her last name if she wants to keep it and just hyphen it with her husband’s last name.

Most of their names are influenced by saints as well as some words from the Croatian vocabulary. Having said that, Croatian first names are not only unique but are a reflection of their culture.

If you are looking for Croatian first names for your future children, or you just want to know about the most popular Croatian names, continue reading!

Croatian Names For Girls

If you are interested in the feminine form of a certain male name or you want to find the shortened version of it, then this might be for you! Because the Croatian language is comprised of different elements, you might be able to find your answer here.

These names are just some of the few names that you can name your future daughter. From empowering names to names that are from nature, we hope that there are a few names that you like!

These names are just some of the few names that you can name your future daughter. From empowering names to names that are from nature, we hope that there are a few names that you like!

Croatian Names For Boys

Looking for the perfect name for your baby boy? From common names down to names that have eccentric meanings, these baby names are surely for you. Read on!

These are just some of the names that you can name your baby boy! It might be a common name to some, but know that when you look at the meanings of these words, it becomes precious. Apart from that, we have also transformed these names into different forms. Cool, right?

What’s Next?

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