6 Important Words And Phrases In Nepali Language

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Are you planning to visit Nepal soon? Have you gotten friends from Nepal? Are you interested in Nepalese culture? If your response to any of the above questions is yes, you would be worried about one thing, the Nepali language. We have come up with a solution. We have arranged a concise list of some basic words and phrases in Nepali to assist you as much as we can.

Although you can speak English as well because Nepalese understand it, it would be best to speak their native language. Like any other country, you need to learn the essential words and phrases in Nepali to interact conveniently.

Six Basic Words And Phrases In Nepali

I would like to teach you six basic words and phrases in Nepali to communicate with the natives.


Nepali: नमस्कार

Ponounciation: Namaskāra

Do you hesitate to reach out to a Nepali because you don’t know what to say first? We got you covered with necessary words and phrases in Nepali.

When you confront any Nepali native, greet them with a Namaste. The word is pronounced as Na-mas-kar. So, learning to speak just one word, Namaste, can make you sound like a native. Although you can say Hello as well, it would be best if you used Namaste.
Greet your Nepali friends in the morning with a Namaste instead of Hello and surprise them!

Farewell Or Goodbye

Nepali: अलविदा

Pronounciation: Alavidā

Saying goodbye is needed as many times as you greet someone. When you have learned how to greet someone in Nepali, your next concern should be learning how to bid them farewell.

In Nepali, you say Alavida when you want to say goodbye to someone. Just make sure you do not create a pronunciation blunder as the word is a bit lengthy. Pronounce the word as Al-vi-da, and you are all good to go!

Sorry Or Excuse Me

Nepali: माफ गर्नुहोस्

Pronunciation: Māpha garnuhōs

We understand your next concern would be about how to apologize to a Nepali. Again, we got the solution in our hands. Learn with us these two simple words and use them when needed.

When you want to apologize in Nepali or trying to get a Nepali’s attention, say Māpha agarnuhōs. Please do not make a mistake in pronouncing, or it will ruin your impression at all. Pronounce it as Maff Gar-nuu-hos.


Nepali: हो


When you are in Nepal, there will be many occasions when you have to say a “yes.” When you are not Nepali or don’t know the language, the most accessible word like “Yes” can cause you problems. How can we not think of taking you out of this trouble?

Just say “Ho” where you need to say “Yes.” This easy word will do well for you even if you struggle to learn more complicated words.


Nepali: होईन

Pronounciation: Hō’īna

You need to say “No” on as many occasions as you say “Yes.” But, if you don’t know how to say “No” in Nepali, you can land in trouble. Although you can say “No,” some natives from rural areas do not understand or speak English. There, you have to speak Nepali.

So, whenever you need to say a no, say “Hō’ī-na.” It would help if you learned such simple words when you are beginning to learn a new language.

See You Again

Nepali: फेरि भेटौला

Pronunciation:Phēri bhēṭaulā

When meeting someone, another common thing you ask them is about meeting next. Imagine how hard it can be for you to meet someone again and don’t know how to say it. So, we plunge in here as well to help you.

When you want to tell someone “See you again,” say “Phēri bhēṭaulā.” The pronunciation is Feri-bhay-tau-la. Learning this simple word can make you build sustainable relations with Nepali-speaking people. This phrase enables you to meet them again and again. As cool as it sounds!

Get Well Soon

Nepali: चाँडै स्वास्थ्यलाभ लिनू

Pronounciation: Cām̐ḍai svāsthyalābha linū

Want to wish recovery to someone from Nepal? But how can you say that you don’t even know the language? Sounds ridiculous? Well, what if we tell many people have gone through it. But, you don’t have to. We will introduce you to a phrase that you can use to wish recovery to a Nepali.

When you want to wish a sick person, just say “Cām̐ḍai svāsthyalābha linū.” Even if you are not visiting Nepal yourself, you need to be aware of this phrase as you might need to use this with your online friends.

We hope that these essential words and phrases in Nepali would help you in the long run. But, learning just a few words is not enough to befriend or have good terms with a Nepali. You should know the language entirely so that you can interact with them comfortably.

Other Important Vocabulary — Basic Words And Phrases In Nepali

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