59+ Best Job Titles In Armenian

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Do you want to learn about the best job titles in Armenian? In this article, you will learn all you need to know about the topic so let’s get started!

Different Jobs In Armenia

There are many Armenian job alerts found on different websites, in which job seekers apply in the Armenian language. Many of the hot jobs at the moment are companies seeking professional interpreters that must have reading, writing, and communication skills.

Here is a list of different jobs in Armenia that you must learn!

Trained Health Care Interpreter Or Translator

PALS is the department of health care that is looking for interpreters and translators. This job alert is looking for new hires with verifiable training and demonstrated experience. This job alert is advertising through multiple channels.

They want to build expertise for the new hires and city employees.

  • All the applicants must pass a test that includes two portions. The first one deals with the interpreter’s training; the second one deals with the translator’s training.
  • Furthermore, the people who are approaching the company for employment must be fluent in two languages.
  • The applicants must be good at customer service, have reliable transportation and communication skills, etc.
  • A background check is done on all the applicants.

Program Assistant

This job alert is for applicants who provide the services of managing lectures, seminars, etc. All the applicants must have a proper grip on the Armenian Language.

Client Advisor- Glendale

This job alert is for the Advisor who will take responsibility for communication. This organization requires amazing expertise including the ability to communicate with clients.

Qualifications Required For This Job

  • Educated till at least the college or university level.
  • Should have the certificate from the Gemological Institute of America.
  • Should be good and fluent in multiple languages.
  • Should be professional and responsible enough to handle a large number of clients.

Call Center Representative

This platform or the department of the campus provides the opportunity to gather skills as well as human resources for the city employees. This team and platform provide health insurance with paid time off.

Qualifications Needed For This Job

  • All of the applicants must be good at continuous work
  • Applicants are eligible to apply only if they are above 18.
  • This company demands good customer service.
  • This appointment requires a valid driver’s license.
  • Should have the same attitude as the employer
  • Candidates should be good at communication and also should be good at research and provide empathetic support.

This company is creating a good environment by providing medical services along with employment.

They also register wellness programs with paid life insurance.

Police Communication Manager

This job title was posted a week ago. The employer coordinates police-related activities. They are responsible for performing communication duties in any community or location of the city.

The person who is applying for this job must be good at handling modern software.

Job Titles In Armenian

Now let’s look at several titles in different categories to make it easy for you to learn!!!

Administrative Job Titles

Here are the best administrative jobs for you to know about!

Leadership Titles

Leadership is the most valuable skill in Armenia and elsewhere so let’s also learn some words related to it.

Marketing Job Titles

Are you in any way involved in the field of marketing? Then this list is for you!

C-Level Job Titles

At the top level, there is a list of C-level jobs for you to know about

IT Job Titles

Now, let’s look at some jobs related to the IT sector:

Finance And Accounting Job Title

Here are the best words about the finance and accounting job titles in Armenian

Questions To Ask About Job Titles

Here are some useful questions in Armenian about the job titles that you should learn.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for this blog post. Now you are aware of all the important words that you must know about job titles in Armenian. If you are a tourist or a resident in Armenia then learning about Armenia no longer stays your interest but becomes your necessity. Armenia is not a common language and hence not many websites teach Armenian. On Ling App, you get to learn the Armenian language like a pro!!!

Also, check out Armenian verbs and Armenian proverbs to enhance your spoken language!

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