5+ Easy Flavors In Urdu

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3 min readOct 11, 2022


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Pakistani food is scrumptiously filled with love and flavor. Wouldn’t you be intrigued to learn about all the flavors in the Urdu language? In this blog post, you will learn Urdu flavor meaning with an English word as an example. Furthermore, we also include Roman Urdu so that you can learn to pronounce the Urdu words in case you haven’t mastered learning the Urdu alphabet already. Let’s get started!

Flavors In Urdu

ذائقہ (zaiqa) is an Urdu word meaning flavor in the English language. Each flavor might have its own peculiar odor which students of fine arts often need to learn. You can learn both the similar words as well as the opposite words for each flavor along with their Urdu meaning.

Enhance your taste experience by learning a list of flavors in Urdu for each sweet and savoury condiment. You will learn about all the words related to the flavors in Urdu and the food which usually gives that flavor.



Example Sentences

Here is a list of all the example sentences for the flavors in Urdu and talk about Pakistani food.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for this blog post. You must have learned many English words along with their Urdu translation. The English language can be extremely different from the Urdu language and you might feel an urge to keep an Urdu to-English dictionary or an English-to-Urdu dictionary.

Learning the Urdu language is important since it gives you a wholesome experience of speaking another language and getting permanent freedom from the Urdu dictionary online as well as offline.

If you know all the related words for flavors in Urdu then it will change the normal perceptions of Pakistani people to nicer perceptions since they love eating good food and talking about it. The Ling App can help you learn a new language as easily as humanly possible. There are also some nice blog posts on the Ling App to check out including but not confined to Urdu proverbs and family-related vocab.

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