45+ Basic Urdu Words And Phrases — An Easy Guide

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Urdu is the official language of Pakistan. It is the lingua franca of Pakistan. Although most communication is conducted in English, everyone in the country uses Urdu as the primary language of communication. Historically, Urdu is derived from Turkish, meaning army or tribe. It is a communication method used by the Mughal army from the 15th to the 18th century. So, in today’s article, we will learn about basic Urdu words and phrases!

A complex and poetic language, closely related to Hindi, Persian, and Arabic, is a member of the Indo-Indo language family of the Indo-European language family. Approximately 70 million people use it as a first language, and more than 100 million people use it as a second language, mainly in parts of Pakistan and India.

Basic Urdu Words And Phrases

Other Vocabulary Used In Daily Conversation

Vocabulary Used In shopping

Vocabulary Used In Restaurant

Basic Urdu Words And Phrases — Name Of Days

I hope the content of this page is helpful to you and that you have learned some Urdu phrases, expressions, and words. Make sure to remember them so that you can use them in daily conversations.

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