400+ Effective Words For Armenian Business Vocabulary

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How important do you think learning the Armenian Business Vocabulary is? The better your business vocabulary, the more effectively you will be able to communicate key ideas and concepts with your colleagues, business partners, or your boss. And if you want the same then this article is a magnum opus (masterpiece) for you!

Armenian Business Vocabulary

Learning Armenian business vocabulary terms and phrases helps you describe the entities, procedures, events, tasks, and outputs in the Armenian workplace more conveniently.

Understanding the most commonly used business expressions and words will help you in certain things like comprehending industry publications, workplace communication, professional presentation, standup meeting, and casual conversation with coworkers.

Business In Armenia

You are a foreigner and planning to start a business in Armenia. Why not! Surely it’s heaven for new businesses and startups as the country facilitates foreign investors.

Following is the basic guides example during your business travel or setup in Armenia.

1. Learn Basic Armenian Words And Expressions

Armenian, Russian, Spanish, and English are major languages popular among travelers. But, wait! You are going for a startup among pure and traditional Armenians and if you only know English Language, then what’s the use of having the talent for effective communication if you don’t know the Armenian language or basic Armenian words and expressions.

You can use these four apps to learn Armenian, but that might not be as easy as it sounds. Don’t worry we have got you! Keep reading the article.

The Armenian language is highly complex, with a rich combination of consonants, a difficult system of nouns, auxiliary verbs, and unique peculiarities of the Armenian alphabet and character. It is spoken by around 6.7 million people.

Even if the language is difficult to grasp, learning Armenian as a second language is worthwhile in order to gain a better understanding of the country’s rich culture.

2. Business Customs In Armenia

Responsibility for protecting the nature, quality, and profit of your business, learning the below examples of Armenian customs must be your priority.

  • Armenians are warm and friendly people who enjoy giving presents and offering tours of their historic city.
  • During social contact, always ready to accompany food and long toasts.
  • During agreements, no bargaining is allowed

Armenians are sensitive to strong emotions and dislike being told “NO,” and may comprehend the odd meaning. So, especially with individuals under the influence of religion, adapt and decide your deals carefully.

3. Telecommunication And Transportation Services

  • Cellular, Broadband, and landline services are available across Armenia.
  • A system of crowded mini-buses, vehicle rental, and taxi services are offered for nationwide transit.

4. Health Services

Outside of the capital, Yerevan, Armenia’s medical facilities are minimal. People with current medical problems should contact their local Consulate or Embassy to get facilitated. You should use proper sentences while communicating with the department of health services.

Memorize these guides and you would be safe and sound in Armenia.

Business Related Vocab

Whereas e-mail and other text-based communication are becoming more common, face-to-face interaction remains the best method for reaching out to partners and clients and establishing genuine, long-term professional relationships.

The following is a list of must-know business Armenian words and phrases with English meanings relevant to commercial deals, monetary, marketing, and business management.

Vocabulary Related To Start-Ups

Every creator and entrepreneur nowadays has to be conversant with important startup terms. The startup market is expanding at a rapid pace, and new terminologies are emerging.

To make it easier for you to learn and understand, we’ve compiled a list of practically all of the startup important terminology used in Armenia.

Tips To learn Business-Related Vocabulary

Try following these exercises and tools to help increase your business-related vocabulary

  • Step by step, learn the Armenian alphabet.
  • Consider taking a business writing workshop.
  • Read sections on business news and Armenian politics. Turn this activity into a habit.
  • In ordinary conversation and written communication, use your business terminology and related synonyms.
  • Think of an English word or word in your respective language and search for its translation using your pocket Armenian dictionary whether a book or your mobile.
  • Question yourself and review your growth on daily basis.
  • Search for an authentic website on your computer for relevant data such as an Armenian dictionary with synonyms for travelers.

Wrapping Up

We believe that, in the business and commerce sector, communication must be a natural talent because it is the process where people exchange information about their ideas, goals, techniques, and solutions. So, what are you waiting for fellows, download the Ling App and learn your new favorite Armenian language today?

Happy Learning!



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