4+ Easy Types Of Armenian Sentence Structure

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Having all the basic Armenian vocabulary but no knowledge of using it can be quite troubling. This is why once you get the essential words and phrases, you should start learning about the basic Armenian sentence structure and rules. In this post, we will walk you through all that and more, so keep scrolling below.

Before we proceed, allow us first to remind you this: It is necessary to learn basic Armenian before learning about the sentence structure. This is because you always need to use and combine words to make the sentences and not the other way around. If you want to get started right away, we highly recommend that you check out our previous posts for the set of basic words and phrases in the Armenian language.

Word Order In Armenian

The word order in the Armenian language follows the subject-verb-object, just like in English. For this reason, it is straightforward for many beginners to master Armenian grammar. The word order is relatively flexible, which means that there’s not much difference when constructing a sentence for Eastern or Western listeners. Classical Armenian had seven vowels while the modern Eastern Armenian has six vowels, and therefore the word order changes slightly because of that.

Grammatical Rules In Armenian

Here we bring you good news which might make any language learner extremely happy. While making the Armenian sentences, you are free to use any word order you desire. Each word order will give a certain meaning that a native Armenian person would understand. To learn more about this, read on below as we discuss the intricacies of the basic patterns.

Auxiliary Verbs

It is important to know that one can never start a new sentence with an auxiliary verb in Armenian sentence structure. It is important always to add a noun or pronoun before an auxiliary verb to make it grammatically correct for a reader. Let’s look at several examples here:


There are different sentences that only have a subject and a verb in them. The word order for such sentences in Armenian is the same as in English. For instance, “I go” in Armenian is ես գնացի (yes gnats’i) in which ես (yes) means I and գնացի (gnats’i) means to go.



While telling the quality of something in the Armenian language, it is important to remember that it is not the same as in English. In English, we follow an, e.g., my hands are cold. However, in Armenian, the sentence will be Ձեռքերս սառն են (DZerrk’ers sarrn yen). This literally translates to “my hands cold are.”

Let’s look at some similar examples:


As mentioned earlier, the quality of a noun is described before the noun, and the quality of a verb (adverb) is also mentioned before the verb. To describe the quality of a verb, you need to first write the subject, then the adverb, and finally the verb.

Negative And Positive Sentences

Now that we have crossed all the ways to make basic sentences. We need to learn how to make positive and negative sentences in Armenian. The positive sentences are like the earlier ones, but to negate them, “-ch” needs to be added to verbs.

Let’s look at some examples:

Wrapping Up

If you are learning Armenian and need help with the most basic concepts, try to look into Ling App by Simya Solutions. The Ling App is a great app to start your journey of learning any language on the right foot. Here, we bring you countless ways of learning many languages. If you prefer to learn in chunks and constantly check your knowledge, then we have flashcards for you. If you like to learn from a proper tutor, we have native speakers who can give you proper lessons.

If you simply want and outline into different languages, we have blogs in all the languages you can check out and learn from for free. Ready to read? Check out these posts: Armenian Love Words and Basic Armenian Phrases. Happy Learning!



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