300+ Unique And Wonderful Names In Armenian

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If you are interested in learning about the most popular Armenian names, then you are at the right place! This article will walk you through countless baby names that you can choose from. These names will not only provide you with an insight into the naming culture in Armenian society. Instead, it will also give you a glimpse of the history of these names and the meanings behind them. So let’s get started!

Baby Names In Armenian

While learning the Armenian names, it is essential to learn both the gender-based versions. Usually, the parents from Armenia are careful with girl names and generally choose popular names with soft and sweet meanings like a gift, rose, blue-eyed, small star, sweet mountain, etc. Also, the locals enjoy giving names like a king, prince, and a small mountain to boys. Let’s get to know more about that in the table below.

Armenian Mythology

Many people tend to name their children after the mythology representing the family. You can always find at least one person which an Armenian mythological name both in the village and rural community. There are different Armenian names of Greek origin (similar to the name of the King in Armenian mythology). There are also different names of Arabic and Hebrew origin.

Here is a list of the most common ones:

Armenian Surnames

Now that you know most Armenian names with both masculine and feminine versions let’s walk you through the most common surnames in Armenian.

Wrapping Up

In this article, you learned a lot about the Armenian version with a modern variation. We also have other blogs about the Armenian language like Useful Lines To Introduce Yourself In Armenian and Basic Armenian Phrases. Ling App by Simya Solutions is a great place to start learning any language. It gives one free access to countless blogs, flashcards, and other resources. It would help if you started learning Armenian now on Ling App to have the best experience.

Happy Learning!



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