30 Easy Tagalog Emergency Phrases

If you are planning to go on a trip to a foreign country, it is highly recommended that you try to memorize or save a list of essential sentences which you might use throughout your journey. Planning to visit the beaches of the Philippines? Enjoy without any worry in the world as we have here a comprehensive list of Tagalog emergency phrases to use when you need to call the attention of authorities or seek the help of the locals.

With jaw-dropping natural wonders, amazing historical places, mouth-watering dishes, and warm people, the Philippines is definitely in a league of its own. This tropical and archipelagic country is located in the western Pacific Ocean and it has more than seven thousand islands and islets under its belt. Want to hear something amazing about this? You see the country has a tainted past, but it did not stop the natives from upgrading and creating a whole new set of languages…per location! Yes! Aside from the Tagalog language, there are over 187 other languages existing today!

And I believe that this is what makes the Filipinos great at language acquisition. A typical Filipino local knows a native language (if he/she is from a province), Tagalog, and can speak fluent English. Add to that is that some government-owned schools in the country also offer additional language lessons for students such as Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, French, Japanese, and German!

Tagalog Language

Unlike other Asian languages, Tagalog is much easier to learn as it has a number of loan words, and the locals usually use Taglish (a combination of Tagalog and English) in day-to-day conversations. You will also see that they do not have complicated writing systems as they mainly use Latin or Roman letters. If you plan to use English as a language when visiting populous cities, that will indeed be enough, and you can easily find a Filipino who will understand you.

However, if you intend to visit remote places, it is advisable that you speak with some Tagalog sentences and use native-sounding words instead. In this way, you will be able to immerse yourself with the language, expand your vocabulary (because Filipino people enjoy teaching foreigners some of the basic words), and establish a stronger connection. You can start by memorizing the basics such as the following:

30 Tagalog Emergency Phrases

But aside from all of the aforementioned set of words and phrases, one of the things that will always be handy wherever you go in the country is the set of Tagalog emergency expressions. I think that we can all agree that sudden situations may just happen in an instant no matter how safe or protected a place is. It is true that you can easily be understood by some locals when you use English, but some of the things will definitely be lost in translation especially if you happen to chance on someone who does not speak English.

To help you get started, we have listed here the top phrases that you can use to ask for help, to report to someone about your condition, or when you are speaking with the local police.

Kumusta? Are you ready to level up your Tagalog more?

Now that we have been able to build your vocabulary about the most comprehensive example phrases and sentences to use during an emergency, I think it is about the tie that continues your journey learning about Tagalog using my most recommended application: the Ling App! The Ling App has been established with the goal of providing interested individuals the opportunity to learn through bite-sized lessons about any language that they are interested in.

In fact, this is one of the few apps out there that actually has a complete lesson about Tagalog! From the platform, you can learn more through a gamified approach while ensuring that you get to keep in mind the terms that you have already learned in the past. In short, this is a free application available for download!

But, wait! Do you want to expand further the language phrases in Tagalog? Then be sure not to miss out on Simply Learn! A phrasebook application with a complete set of phrases, sentences, and words along with audio files depending on the category your will choose. Want to learn about the expressions you can use while shopping? About health? About history? This app got you covered too!

Learn Tagalog Words And Phrases Today!

As I end this article, I hope that I was able to provide you with the most useful expressions to use when you need help or if someone comes to you asking for it. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it on social media and help us reach language enthusiasts who might be interested in learning Tagalog lessons.

For other Tagalog-related lessons, I highly suggest that you check out the Ling App, my most recommended way of learning any language for free! It is accessible via the web or even through an application. You see, it has always been my favorite since it allows anyone to practice the target language with any amount of time they have. Interested in learning in just 10 minutes? This application will notify you to remind you that you have to finish a lesson every day in order to build consistency and ultimately… master Tagalog right away!



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